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Steve Ditto

Steve Ditto


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Person looking at laptop with bemused expression

Illumina Delivers a Beat and a Raise in Q2

According to CEO Francis deSouza, the genetic life-sciences company is "firing on all cylinders."

two vets conducting blood test on puppy

Is It Too Late to Buy Idexx Laboratories?

This pet healthcare company is giving vets what they need, and its stock has been doing the same for investors.

Two people reviewing results in a lab

Better Buy: Vertex vs. CRISPR

Vertex might be undervalued, CRISPR Therapeutics might be overvalued, but both are looking for a home run.

Child Receiving Vaccine Shot

Is Moderna a Buy?

Moderna is riding high on the COVID-19 wave. Is it too late to get in?

Child Receiving Vaccine Shot

Is Novavax a Buy?

After moving at less than warp speed, can this vaccine company catch up to the global opportunity?

Patient Receiving Infusion

3 Things About Regeneron That Smart Investors Know

The biotech's COVID-19 antibody cocktail made headlines last year, but there's a bigger story here.

Child Giving Blood For Testing

3 Things About CRISPR Therapeutics That Smart Investors Know

The company is on track to be the first to market with a gene-editing therapy for blood disorders.

Adult with child receiving breathing treatment

3 Things About Vertex Pharmaceuticals That Smart Investors Know

Can one multibillion-dollar blockbuster breakthrough lead to another?

person framing view with their hands

3 Things About Fulgent Genetics That Smart Investors Know

Few companies had bigger tailwinds from COVID-19. What comes next could be even more exciting.

woman and man researching on laptop

Is Illumina a Buy?

Illumina has gained almost 29% this year and could be headed higher.

scientist wearing a white lab coat, gloves, and mask works in a lab setting.

3 Things About Invitae That Smart Investors Should Know

Could Invitae become the first $1 trillion market cap healthcare company?

two scientists studying DNA

Where Will ARK Genomic Revolution ETF Be in 5 Years?

Cathie Wood's genomics ETF is making big bets on the "Genomic Age."

Is It Too Late to Buy Intellia Therapeutics?

After skyrocketing 68% last week, will this stock keep running higher?

dna genetics science biology (1)

Has Illumina Lost Its Shine?

Cathie Wood lost her conviction and dumped the stock. Can Illumina get back on track?

A pharmacist helps a mature person with with a script at the pharmacy counter

Is GoodRx the Prescription for Your Portfolio?

You're probably paying too much for your drugs. Fortunately, there's some help on the way.

scientist peers into a microscope while wearing full personal protective gear, while colleagues work at a counter to her left.

What Does Life After COVID Look Like for Fulgent Genetics?

Fulgent rode on a wave of COVID revenue. What comes next could be pretty special.

Mature person sits in front of laptop in a kitchen, navigating on the computer while reading the label of a pill bottle in her hand.

Is Amazon Becoming a Healthcare Company?

Amazon has set its sights on the $4 trillion U.S. healthcare market.

scientist wearing googles and gloves uses tools in laboratory

Can Invitae Be the Winner-Take-Most in Genetic Testing?

Just like in poker, in some markets, the winner can take the whole pot. Can Invitae take home all the chips?

surgeon wearing full personal protective equipment uses a large microscope device during an operation

Is Intuitive Surgical the Tesla of Healthcare?

Tesla hopes to dominate the car market using robots and artificial intelligence. Can Intuitive Surgical do the same in the operating room?

young person consulting with doctor over cell phone video chat

Teladoc Health Is a Top ARK Holding. Should It Be One of Yours?

Investors shouldn't follow just anyone into a stock. Cathie Wood, however, might be a great guide.