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Chris Neiger

Chris Neiger


Chris has covered Tech and Telecom companies for The Motley Fool since 2012. Follow him on Twitter for the latest tech stock coverage.

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Investors didn't like the company's proposed private offering of convertible senior notes.


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The company has already surpassed its full-year bookings estimate.


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The cryptocurrency market in general is tumbling after a few bits of negative news.


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The popularity of the Ethereum blockchain should drive up its crypto token's value for years to come.


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The tech stock rose despite poor earnings performance.


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The cybersecurity company didn't deliver good news in its third-quarter results.


Here's Why Exela Technologies Rocketed Higher Today

The business process automation company signed a new deal with an unnamed -- but major -- client.


Why Bottomline Technologies Jumped 16% This Week

Investors were happy about two bits of news that came out this week.


3 Top Cloud Computing Stocks to Buy Right Now

These companies will likely remain on the cutting edge for years.


Why Qualtrics Stock Jumped This Week

Investors were optimistic about the company expanding a current partnership.


Axie Infinity Shards: 3 Things to Know About the Blockchain-Based Video Game Crypto

There may never be a cryptocurrency that's more fun to earn than Axie Infinity's AXS token.

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Why Globalstar's Stock Popped Today

It appears some investors are hoping Apple will reveal a new product with satellite capabilities.


Why Amkor Technology Stock Is Tumbling Today

Investors weren't happy to see that Amkor's stock was downgraded.


3 5G Stocks to Buy Right Now

These foundational 5G companies shouldn't be overlooked.


Why Zeta Global Stock Soared Today

Investors were happy about its first purchase as a publicly traded company.


Why Fastly Stock Is Up Today

Investors flocked back to the tech sector today, and Fastly's shares rose as a result.


Here's Why Lemonade's Stock Is Sliding Today

Tech investors are getting anxious about rising Treasury yields.


Why MongoDB Stock Is Falling Today

The company's shares are sliding as part of a broader market sell-off.


Why ASML Holding Fell 15% This Week

This high-flying tech stock tumbled for two key reasons.


Why Onion Global Stock Is Skyrocketing Today

The China-based e-commerce company said new events could boost its revenues.