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Reuben Gregg Brewer

Reuben Gregg Brewer


Reuben Gregg Brewer believes dividends are a window into a company's soul. He tries to invest in good souls.

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Why People's United Financial Rocketed 12% at the Open Today

Usually this is a pretty boring little bank, but investors had good reason to send its shares soaring Monday.

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Why Petroleo Brasileiro Stock Plummeted 22% at the Open Today

Shares of the Brazilian energy company took it on the chin this morning, thanks to the country's president.

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Better Buy: Kinder Morgan vs. Enterprise Products Partners

Which of these two industry giants is better for your portfolio? It's not an easy question to answer. Here are some things to consider.

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Why Hannon Armstrong Stock Rocketed 17% at the Open Today

Shares of this clean-energy focused REIT got a boost from earnings.

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Is Denison Mines Stock a Buy?

There's huge potential here, but only if Denison can get these two big projects across the finish line.

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Why SM Energy Stock Tanked 12% Today

Investors weren't pleased with the company's earnings. Here's a quick review of what it reported for the quarter.

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Why Crescent Point Energy Stock Rallied as Much as 14.5% in Early Trading Today

The energy company announced when it would report earnings...and a "little" something else that investors seemed to find pleasing.

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Why Albemarle Stock Fell 10% Out of the Gate Today

Shares of the lithium producer declined after it reported earnings, despite a recent warning of what the quarter's results would look like.

19_11_06 A person pushing a shopping cart through a store _GettyImages-1128949343

Why Walmart Stock Dropped 6% at the Open Today

The global retailing giant reported solid sales, but investors weren't pleased with its earnings or the company's outlook.

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Is Empire State Realty Trust a Buy?

Is owning an iconic property enough to make this REIT a buy? Here's what you need to know before deciding.

16_06_15 A man with a notebook in front of oil well _GettyImages-156525694

Why Comstock Resources Stock Popped 10% Today

Energy company Comstock Resources reported earnings. Here's why investors were pleased with what the company had to say.

17_06_29 A car that has been in an accident with a person sitting on the ground in front of it _GettyImages-620372088

Why KAR Auction Services Stock Tanked 25% at the Open Today

The company reported earnings. Investors and analysts were clearly displeased. Here's a quick look at why.

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Why Torchlight Energy Fell 18% at the Open Today

Sometimes the market gives one day and the market takes away the next.

19_02_06 The acronym REIT spelled out on dice sitting atop coins _GettyImages-176992109

Is Realty Income a Buy?

This REIT is a bellwether in its niche, but it can be hard to find a good time to buy shares. Is the pandemic that moment to pounce?

20_05_22 A woman standing at a makeup display _GettyImages-1145692498

Why Revlon Stock Rallied as Much as 22% Today

The troubled cosmetics company wasn't directly involved, but investors appear to like the outcome of this court case just the same.

20_05_26 A woman raising her arms in triumph in front of a computer _GettyImages-1144287268

Why MP Materials Stock Rallied 18% in Early Trading Today

There wasn't any news out of MP Materials, but there is a potential battle brewing that could have a huge impact on the company.

19_06_26 A man looking at a line crashing through the floor beneath him _GettyImages-612737000

Why Washington Prime Group Stock Plummeted 29% Today

Shares of the retail landlord took it on the chin thanks to an ominous filing with the SEC.

20_08_12 Blocks spelling out calm and panic _GettyImages-1216791768

Why Centennial Resource Development, Antero Resources, and Contango Oil & Gas Rallied at the Open Today

The big story was Texas and the impact it had on the energy sector, which was, indeed, sizable.

18_03_05 A man in front of wind turbines _ GettyImages-102285520

Is BP Stock a Buy?

The international energy giant has promised big changes, but is that enough to make it a buy?

19_06_05 A man with the word risk and a bag of money balanced in front of him on a simple balance with an umbrella over the whole _GettyImages-1058471606

Why 3M Is a Retiree's Dream Stock

If you are looking for a core retirement holding, there are four reasons industrial giant 3M should be on your shortlist.