John-Erik Koslosky

John-Erik Koslosky


Fool contributor John-Erik Koslosky has been picking his own stocks since the market crashed in 2008. He aims for a mix of value and growth, but mostly, just looks to buy great businesses.

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What is Really Driving Bike Sales in the U.S.?

The number of trails open to bicycle riders in the U.S. is fast on the rise, but the number of people who ride bikes more than a few times a year is on the decline. Are these new trails helping the industry?

Should Boston Beer Investors Prepare for a Flat Quarter?

With big investments being made just to make sure Boston Beer can keep up with the demand for its products, the company could very well deliver a less-than-impressive earnings number on Wednesday. Long-term investors should look past that. The real story lies in Boston Beer's ability to grab an even bigger share of the craft brew market.

Can Local Bike Shops Survive?

The number of bike shops in the U.S. is down by more than a third since 2000, and consolidation continues. Yet, Americans are buying just as many bikes -- if not more. What gives?

Why Amazon Prime Air Drones May be Delivering Your Packages Sooner Than You Think

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took the company's case for drone delivery to a national audience on "60 Minutes," it very publicly helped to force the hand of the FAA to develop guidelines for unmanned aircraft -- and soon. That may benefit not only Amazon, but a broad range of other U.S. industries eager to put these unmanned aircraft to use

Is Chipotle's Winning Product Its Food, or Its Message?

Success at Chipotle Mexican Grill has come in part due to its food and fast service, but as the company continues to grow and generate more sales at each store, its message has become as important as its menu.

What's Behind This Whiskey Rebellion?

Brown-Forman may have recorded a win when it convinced Tennessee legislators to regulate the labeling of Tennessee whiskey to benefit its iconic Jack Daniel's brand. But it now has a fight on its hands with a distilling giant.

Start Hoarding Whiskey, a Shortage Is Coming!

Whiskey, especially the high-end stuff, might never have been more popular. This has been great for distillers like Brown-Forman and Beam. But if they can't keep up with demand, is a whiskey shortage on the way?

4 Things to Watch When Craft Brew Reports

Last year showed promise, but it didn't turn out quite as well as Craft Brew Alliance had hoped. What's in store for 2014? Here are four things to watch for when during the company's earnings call on Friday.