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John-Erik Koslosky


Fool contributor John-Erik Koslosky has been picking his own stocks since the market crashed in 2008. He aims for a mix of value and growth, but mostly, just looks to buy great businesses.

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What should investors look for when Anheuser-Busch InBev reports on Wednesday? Here are three key areas that can help investors track the strength of A-B's brands in their important markets.

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Boston Beer reports fourth-quarter results on Tuesday, following up what was a stellar third quarter when the company posted impressive growth. Beyond the numbers, what should investors be looking for when management sits down to discuss the quarter?

1 Reason McDonald's Struggles While Chipotle Surges

The case of the so-called "yoga-mat" ingredient in chain-restaurant bread may shed some insight into why a company like Chipotle is enjoying surprisingly sustained growth, while McDonald's struggles to stem sales declines.

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A-B InBev is a company with a big appetite, hence the collection of popular labels it’s acquired. But over the past few years, its also acquired two very small, but highly regarded U.S. craft brewers. What could be behind these sales?

Should Diageo Sell Its Beer Business?

Beer has been a drag on Diageo's growth, and management says it has not yet been able to "crack the beer code." With valuable brands Guinness, Harp, and Red Stripe in its portfolio, is it time for Diageo to solicit interest from A-B InBev or SAB Miller?

Can Craft Brew Alliance Step It Up in 2014?

Craft Brew Alliance was a hot stock in 2013, nearly tripling between January and late November. But the year ended on a more sober note. What's in store for the brewer in 2014?

Whiskey Is a Winner, and Brown-Forman Is Set to Benefit

American bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are growing in popularity in the States and overseas. Beam, Diageo, and Brown-Forman all stand to reap some benefit, but the latter seems best-positioned to capitalize moving forward.

With Growth Slowing, Is It Time for Diageo to Rejigger?

Spirits maker Diageo disappointed investors with a weak six-month report. It has problems in emerging markets that are key to its plan for growth. Is it time for Diageo to change its approach?

theCHIVE and Craft Brew: Why This Partnership Is CBA's Best Yet

Craft Brew Alliance doesn't have the advertising budget of the bigger brewers it's competing with. But it has found clever ways to turn that into an advantage. Here's why it's latest partnership with may be its best yet.

3 Things to Watch for When Diageo Reports

Diageo has built an impressive portfolio of spirits and beer, but it has trailed the market over the past year. Here are three areas investors should look for when the company reports on Thursday, Jan. 30.

Why Beam's Sale Could Be a Boon for Brown-Forman

Some American bourbon drinkers are angry about the sale of Beam to a Japanese company. If these drinkers follow through on their pledge to abandon Beam's brands, this could be an opportunity for Brown-Forman in the years to come.

How the Steroid Era Saved Baseball

We’d all like to just pretend baseball's Steroid Era never happened. Erase it from memory and move on. There’s one reason we shouldn’t. Steroids just might have saved baseball.

Can These Brewers Cash In on the Gluten-Free Trend?

While about 1% of Americans suffer from celiac disease, nearly 1 in 3 say they are cutting back on gluten. Brewers of all sizes -- from Craft Brew Alliance and Boston Beer to Anheuser-Busch InBev -- are putting products on the market to meet these demands. See who might be best-positioned to take share.

Is This Insider Stock Sale Reason to Worry About Boston Beer?

Shares of Boston Beer were down more than 8% in the new year’s first day of trading, attributable to news that company founder and Chairman Jim Koch sold 1,000 shares of the business. Is this drop a sign of tough times ahead in a market crowded with beer brewed by everyone from local brewpubs to megabrewers like Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors? Or is it an opportunity to get into a good stock at an even better price?