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Harsh Chauhan

Harsh Chauhan


Harsh has been covering technology, and sometimes retail, since 2011. He is focused on finding great businesses for the long run. You can follow him on twitter @techjunk13

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This High-Growth Tech Stock Is Still a Great Buy

Favorable semiconductor market conditions can send this tech stock higher.

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This Chipmaker Could Become a Top Growth Stock

Impressive top- and bottom-line growth could supercharge the shares of this semiconductor play.

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Up 46% in 3 Months, This Top Cybersecurity Stock Remains a Solid Buy

Impressive top-line growth and improving margins can send this cybersecurity play higher.

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This Growth Stock Could Triple Once Again This Year

This cloud specialist could replicate its terrific 2020 performance thanks to a fast-growing end-market.

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This Tech Stock Looks Set to Explode in 2021

Secular end-market growth and the success of a big customer could send this stock higher.


3 Hot Stocks to Buy in a 2021 Market Crash

These tech stocks look pricey. Some investors may want to wait in the hopes a market dip will make them better bargains.

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This Hot Video Game Stock Is On Sale Right Now

A post-earnings dip makes this hot gaming stock worth a closer look.


1 Big Reason to Dump Intel and Buy AMD

Chipzilla is using AMD's old strategy to boost sales, and that's not good news.

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Investors Are Dumping This Cybersecurity Stock, But Don't Miss the Silver Linings

The bad times don't seem to go away for Check Point Software, but it is working toward better days.

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Why NVIDIA Stock Can Zoom Higher This Earnings Season

The graphics card specialist is going into its fiscal 2021 Q4 earnings report with impressive catalysts.

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This Top Growth Stock Could Take Off This Earnings Season

An increase in semiconductor demand could be a big tailwind for this company.

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This Tech Stock Could Be a Top Growth Pick This Year

This chipmaker should benefit from terrific growth in the Internet of Things segment -- and its mobile businesses.

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This Growth Stock Is a Terrific Bargain Right Now

A recent stock price dip makes this chipmaker an attractive bet.


Buy This Top 5G Stock in February

This chipmaker has stepped on the gas thanks to 5G smartphones, and it could get better.


Buy AMD as It Can Crush Intel Again in 2021

The chipmaker lost market share to its bigger rival last quarter, but that shouldn't be a cause for concern.


Forget GameStop; This Hot 5G Stock Is a Screaming Buy Right Now

Massive revenue growth, bright prospects, and an attractive valuation make this stock a safer bet than chasing short squeezes.


Why Apple Will Be the Undisputed King of 5G Smartphones in 2021

The iPhone maker looks set to stay on top after quickly climbing the 5G smartphone charts with the iPhone 12.

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Can This Cybersecurity Play Become a Growth Stock in 2021?

This cybersecurity stock is showing signs of life after years of underperformance.

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AMD: Time to Buy This Hot Growth Stock

The chipmaker's 2020 momentum is all set to spill over into the new year.


A Top 5G Stock to Watch This Earnings Season

Supplier relationships with two big 5G smartphone makers could be a boon for this chipmaker.