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Piyush Arora

Piyush Arora


Piyush, an Electronics Engineer with an MBA in Finance, is continuously looking for discrepancies in market pricing. He likes to research tech stocks that incur minimal risks and offer healthy returns, over the short-medium term period.

Recent articles

AMD's ARM: A Smart Move?

Is AMD's venture into the ARM-based server business a good idea?

Has Intel's Technological Lead Exhausted?

Intel's peers are catching up. How will it impact the chipmaker?

Will Microsoft Launch Another Surface Pro Tablet This Year?

Microsoft is betting heavily on its Surface Pro line-up. Will it launch another iteration of the tablet this year?

Are Verizon, AT&T, and Windstream's Dividends Secure?

Shares of Verizon, AT&T, and Windstream carry a handsome dividend yield. But are those dividends sustainable?

Apple, Blackberry, and Nokia, Are Fighting For Share in This Booming Smartphone Market

Smartphone shipments in India are expected to surge next year. Can Blackberry, Apple, and Nokia benefit in this budget-conscious environment?

3 Apple Suppliers Poised for Outperformance

Morgan Stanley expects the upcoming iPhone 6 to be a blockbuster. Which iPhone suppliers should you buy?

ARM vs Intel: Server Wars Begin

ARM-based server chips are coming this year. How will these affect Intel's established server division?

3 Tech-Giants Set to Thrive in the Booming Big Data Industry

The Big Data industry is expected to explode over the coming years. Are you positioned to profit from this exponential growth?

Here's Why Intel Can't Outperform Qualcomm In the Mobile Chip Segment

Intel's Cherry Trail chips are coming with a 14nm process. Will they be enough to establish Intel in the mobile chip industry?

Is BlackBerry's Enterprise Segment Poised to Rebound?

BlackBerry's BES12 is coming. Will it re-establish the company in the enterprise segment?

How to Profit From the Impending 3D NAND Boom

3D NAND is coming. Can Samsung, Micron, and SanDisk benefit from it?

Here's Why Cree and General Electric Company Are Set to Outperform

The LED lighting industry is booming. Have you adjusted your portfolio accordingly?

Are the Dividends for Verizon, Frontier, and Windstream Secure?

Verizon, Frontier, and Windstream sport high dividend yields. But are they sustainable and secure?

3 Strong Dividend-Paying Companies for Your Portfolio

AT&T, Intersil, and Lexmark are three fundamentally solid companies that are poised to reward investors with stock appreciation and sustainable dividend payouts. Is it time to own them?

Here's Why Intel and AMD Can't Beat Qualcomm

Intel's Cherry Trail and AMD's Beema and Mullins chips are coming. But can they perform better than Qualcomm's latest?

Are CenturyLink, Windstream, and AT&T Dividends Secure?

Dividend sustainability analysis is crucial for income-seeking investors. Can these companies live up to your expectations?

Enterprise SSD: Are Seagate and SanDisk Poised for Overperformance?

The enterprise SSD segment is booming. Can SanDisk, Seagate, and Western Digital benefit?

Intel: Braswell and Cherry Trail Will Be Game-Changers

Intel's upcoming Braswell and Cherry Trail processors sport improvements in key areas, but will that translate into increased sales?

2 Samsung Suppliers to Buy, 1 to Avoid

Samsung's smartphone sales growth is slowing. How will this slowdown impact the company's hardware suppliers?

Will BlackBerry's Financial Problems Continue?

BlackBerry's better-than-anticipated loss is great news for investors. But will it be able to sustain its recovery momentum?

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