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With Americans Back on the Road, Is Pep Boys a Good Bet?

Shareholders in Pep Boys have been waiting for a spark to ignite profit growth and a higher market valuation for the company. Could a rise in miles driven by Americans be just what the doctor ordered?

Should You Hit the Easy Button and Buy Staples?

Office-supply retailer Staples has not been the place to invest in 2014, with its share price down sharply. However, with a below-market P/E multiple, is it time to buy in?

Should You Bet on the Action at Lululemon Athletica?

With a declining stock price, athletic apparel maker Lululemon Athletica hasn't been a winning choice for investors lately. However, with the company's founder rumored to be pushing for change, is it a good time to buy in?

With Its Momentum Gone, Is Potbelly Finally a Good Bet?

Shareholders of restaurant chain Potbelly were not smiling after the company's latest financial update led to a sharp drop in the company's share price. After the big drop, though, is it time to buy in?

After a Bad Start to 2014, Can PVH Corp Turn It Around?

Apparel maker PVH Corp's stock price has been stuck in the muck in 2014, as a profit shortfall hurt the company in its latest fiscal quarter. However, with a good long-term track record, is it a good bet at current prices?

Is It Time to Buy Into Diamond Foods?

Packaged-foods manufacturer Diamond Foods continues to try to regain its prior glory and price momentum after an accounting scandal almost did it in. Is it a good buy at current prices?

Should You Bet on More Momentum for Tuesday Morning?

Discount retailer Tuesday Morning's shareholders have been enjoying some heady gains over the past 12 months. However, with profit growth non-existent, is it a good bet at current prices?

Should You Bet on the Action at The Pantry?

Shares of convenience-store operator The Pantry have shown some life lately, as Mr. Market seems to expect better times ahead for the company after activist investors won a few seats in the boardroom. Is it time to buy in?

Should You Bet on the Action at Isle of Capri Casinos?

The shares of regional casino operator Isle of Capri Casinos have been spiking lately because of media reports about a potential tie-up with casino property owner Gaming & Leisure Properties. Is it time to buy in?

Should You Join the Bulls in Big Lots?

Discount retailer Big Lots' share price has found life in 2014, after the company posted two quarters of better than expected profitability. Is it time to jump in?

After a Bad Start to 2014, Can Annie's Turn It Around?

Shareholders in natural/organic food maker Annie's have been singing the blues in 2014, as lower-than-expected profitability has led to a weak stock price performance. After a double-digit decline, though, is it time to buy?

Has the Story Changed at DSW?

Mr. Market wasn't too pleased with footwear retailer DSW's latest financial report, judging by the company's subsequent stock price action. Is it time for bottom fishers to buy in?