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Joseph Solitro

Joseph Solitro


A fan of innovation, strong fundamentals, and all things baseball. Follow on Twitter @JoeySolitro. Fool on!

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Mixed Results and a Reduced Outlook Sent Dunkin's Shares Tumbling; Is This a Buying Opportunity?

Dunkin' Brands has just announced weak second-quarter results and its shares responded with a sharp move lower. Let's find out whether we should buy on this dip.

Is PepsiCo the Top Stock to Own Right Now?

PepsiCo has just reported earnings results and the stock has jumped to new highs, so let's find out if we should be buying before it goes even higher.

Will The Clorox Company Post Strong Fourth-Quarter Results or Will It Disappoint Again?

Clorox has scheduled its fourth-quarter results for release in a couple of days, so let's take a look at it and see whether it's gearing up to satisfy expectations.

Does Coach's Steep Decline Represent a Long-Term Opportunity or Should Investors Avoid It at All Costs?

Coach has watched its stock get creamed in 2014, but could a strong fourth-quarter earnings report turn things around?

Will Herbalife Exceed Earnings Expectations for the 22nd Consecutive Quarter?

Herbalife has scheduled its earnings results for release shortly, so let's find out if its streak of earnings beats will continue.

Will Second-Quarter Earnings Launch Colgate-Palmolive to New All-Time Highs?

Colgate-Palmolive has scheduled its earnings results for release on July 31 and another strong report could send the shares on another rally higher.

Domino's Pizza's Spectacular Earnings Sent Its Shares Higher, Do They Have More Room to Run?

Domino's just announced its second-quarter earnings and its stock responded by making a sharp move higher, let's see if it has more room to run.

Is Kimberly-Clark a Buy After a Post-Earnings Drop?

Kimberly-Clark's shares fell as a result of its second-quarter earnings release, so let's find out if this is an opportunity to buy.

Coca-Cola's Earnings Results Sent Its Shares Lower, Is This a Buying Opportunity?

Coca-Cola just announced its second-quarter results, so let's see how the company performed.

Does PepsiCo Belong in Your Portfolio?

PepsiCo has scheduled its earnings results for release on July 23, so let's see if it's on its way to setting new all-time highs.

Starbucks: Is Now the Time to Buy the King of Coffee?

Starbucks has scheduled its third-quarter report for release in just a couple of days, so let's find out if now is the time to buy a long-term position.

Should Michael Kors Be on Top of Your Long-Term Buy List?

Michael Kors is scheduled to release first-quarter results in just a couple of days, so let's see if its gearing up to beat the estimates once again.

Is Church & Dwight the Missing Piece in Your Portfolio?

Church & Dwight has scheduled its second-quarter results for release on August 1, so let's see if the company is finally ready to rally higher.

Will Dunkin' Brands Shine Brightly in Its Second Quarter Report, or Will 'Severe Weather' Hold It Back Again?

Dunkin' Brands is scheduled to release earnings on July 24, so let's see if the company is gearing up to beat the estimates.

Will Domino's Pizza Deliver Delectable Second-Quarter Results?

Domino's Pizza is scheduled to release second-quarter results shortly, so let's take a look and see if it's about to cook up another earnings beat.

Will Strong Second-Quarter Results Send Hershey's Shares Higher?

Hershey has scheduled its earnings for release on July 24 and strong results could send the shares back to their 52-week highs. Let's see if now is the time to buy.

Will Healthy Q3 Results Propel Whole Foods Higher?

Whole Foods has scheduled its earnings release for July 30, so let's see whether the company is gearing up to beat the Street's expectations.

Lindt to Become Third Largest Chocolatier in United States, Should Hershey Investors be Scared?

Lindt has just acquired Russell Stover, making it the third largest chocolatier in the U.S. Is this going to hurt Hershey's business?

Will Coca-Cola Serve Up an Earnings Beat for Q2?

Coca-Cola has underperformed the market over the last several quarters, so let's find out if now is the time to buy this global titan.

Time to Invest in America's Largest Pharmacy?

The largest owner and operator of drugstore chains in the U.S. has just announced its earnings results, so let's see if we should be buying in right now.

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