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Scott Levine

Scott Levine


A member of The Motley Fool since 2006, Scott began contributing content in 2013. His focus includes renewable energy, gold, and water utilities. Follow him on Twitter. . .

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Why Shares of Herc Holdings Are Soaring This Week

Investors like what management sees in the company's crystal ball.

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Why Shares of Plug Power Popped Today

The fanfare for this fuel cell stock refuses to slow down.

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Why Shares of Ginkgo Bioworks Are Rising Today

A new analyst rating has investors excited.

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Proceed With Caution When Considering These 5 Ultra-Popular Stocks

Hot stocks are alluring, but it's important to remember that grabbing onto them can also leave you burned.

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Why Shares of Zymergen Plunged 62% in August

There was nothing synthetic about the decline in this synthetic-biology company's stock last month.

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Why Shares of Hyzon Motors Are Falling Today

A fuel cell peer had some positive news to report, but Hyzon's shareholders aren't feeling it.

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Why Shares of This EV Battery Stock Are Flying Higher Today

This metals producer is looking to the sea -- not terra firma -- to help power electric vehicles.

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Why Shares of This Under-the-Radar EV Stock Are Sinking Today

Faraday Future is stalling today, but is it warranted?

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Why Shares of MP Materials Sank 11% in August

Investors feared getting burned in August and hit the sell button.

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Why Shares of SolarEdge Soared 12% in August

It wasn't only the company's strong Q2 performance that heated up investors' excitement last month.

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Where Will ChargePoint Be in 5 Years?

The market for electric vehicles is expected to grow rapidly, and this company plans to keep playing a big role in powering them up.

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Electric Vehicle Stocks?

It's not only Elon Musk who's driving the conversation about EVs anymore.

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Why Shares of Azure Power Global Limited Jumped Today

The market was charged up with this renewable energy company's recent quarterly performance.

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Why American Water Works Is a Retiree's Dream Stock

This utility can help ensure those golden years don't lose their luster.

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Why Plug Power's Stock Is Sinking on Monday

Is the company's growth in jeopardy, or is this much ado about nothing?

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Why Shares of Kopin Are Soaring Today

The stock is rebounding after sliding for the past few weeks.

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Why Shares of Plug Power Are Rising Today

Encouraging news out of Washington continues to stoke investors' hopes for this hydrogen stock.

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Why Shares of SkyWater Technology Are Taking Off Today

The dog days of summer took a bite out of this semiconductor manufacturer, but now it's biting back.

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Why Shares of Plug Power Popped on Monday

Fuel cell stocks are back in focus on Wall Street.

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Why Shares of DLocal Limited Are Skyrocketing Today

News of its global expansion is delighting investors.