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Scott Levine

Scott Levine


A member of The Motley Fool since 2006, Scott began contributing content in 2013. His focus includes renewable energy, gold, and water utilities. Follow him on Twitter. . .

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Why Shares of Cree Lighting Are Plummeting Today

A disappointing earnings report has left investors on both Wall Street and Main Street unhappy.

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3 Potential Winning Stocks from Biden's Infrastructure Plan

There are bound to be plenty of winners from the passage of the infrastructure bill. These three stocks are all contenders.

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Why Shares of Lightning eMotors Are Charging Higher Today

The company reports quarterly earnings today, and the market believes it'll hear good things.

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Why Shares of Niu Technologies Are Racing Higher on Monday

Sales at home and abroad have investors enthusiastic about this e-mobility expert.

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Why Shares of Pretium Resources Are Soaring Today

This gold mining company looks a lot more lustrous since it reported earnings.

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Thinking of Buying Tesla Stock? Here's What You Need to Know

School will be back in session soon, but you can get a head start by learning some things about Tesla today.

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Why Shares of Plug Power Are Tanking Today

The best investors are well-informed investors. But that means reading carefully.

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Why Shares of PureCycle Technologies Are Soaring Today

This company is looking to reduce the amount of plastic, and investors are thrilled with its progress.

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3 Hydrogen Stocks I'd Buy Right Now

Investing in hydrogen has long been on my radar, and these three stocks look like they could be the way to do it.

A woman rubs her eyes while sitting in front of a laptop.

Why Shares of New Gold Lost Their Luster Today

After digging into the earnings report, investors weren't pleased.

A sad dog wears a party hat.

The Market Celebrated Plug Power's Q2 Earnings; Here's Why I'm Not Quite as Impressed

I wouldn't pop the bubbly just yet after seeing this company's earnings report.

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Why Shares of Array Technologies Are Red-Hot Today

Wall Street is casting a hopeful gaze in this solar stock's direction.

A man presents a down trending line graph to colleagues.

Why Zymergen's Stock Is Crashing (Again) Today

The momentum that the stock gained during Thursday's trading session couldn't be sustained.

A man sits at a table and looks at a laptop.

Why Itron's Stock Is Crashing Today

Second-quarter earnings fell short of expectations, but that's only one of the things troubling investors.

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Why Zymergen's Stock Is Skyrocketing Today

It has been a crazy week for this synthetic-biology upstart -- and the week's not even over yet.

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What's Weighing Down Plug Power and Bloom Energy's Stocks Today?

News out of Detroit is why fuel-cell focused investors are fretful today.

Wearing a hard hat and standing next to rows of solar panels a woman works on a tablet

Why Shares of Array Technologies Sank 13% in July

Between rising steel prices and bearish sentiment from analysts, investors weren't feeling so sunny about this solar industry niche player last month.

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Why Shares of Leidos Holdings Are Tanking Today

After a disappointing earnings report, investors were dropping the information technology company's shares.

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Why Shares of Albemarle Jumped 22% in July

Wall Street had nice things to say about this lithium stock, and investors were listening.

A concerned woman bites her pen and looks at a computer screen.

Why Shares of Plug Power Sank 20% in July

The company didn't report anything catastrophic this month. So what worried investors?