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Sam has a love of all things finance. He writes about tech stocks and consumer goods.

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Better Buy: Time Warner Inc. vs. Twenty-First Century Fox

These two media giants are more alike than they are different, but one seems to have an edge.


Is Google About to Reinvent the Tablet?

Leaked benchmarks suggest a Project Ara tablet could be in development.


Windows 10 Is on 200 Million Devices -- Here's How Microsoft Plans to Get the Next 800 Million

Consumers have flocked to Windows 10 faster than any previous Microsoft OS upgrade. Next, Redmond's counting on businesses taking the plunge.

"Batman v Superman": Time Warner Inc's $250 Million Tombstone?

The caped crusader takes on the man of steel in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but critics are not impressed.

Facebook Pulls the Plug on BlackBerry 10

The social network will no longer provide apps for BB10.


Facebook Investors Should Ignore Oculus Rift -- for Now

The social network's virtual reality headset will start shipping this month, but investors shouldn't expect it to show up on the balance sheet for many months thereafter.

Can You Guess What HBO Subscribers Spend Most of Their Time Watching?

Original series "Game of Thrones" gets a lot of press, but it's not the main reason people pay for the premium cable network.

Critics Don't Hate the FitBit Blaze as Much as Investors Do

The fitness-focused smartwatch can't run apps like the Apple Watch or Samsung's Gear S2, but wins when it comes to fitness and battery life.

Google's Latest Plan to Take Over Your Living Room

The search giant's cheap streaming bundle could come included with your next TV.

Amazon's Echo Dot Is Great, but You Probably Can't Buy It

The Internet retailer's latest product is a $90 puck that could help it take over your home.


Samsung's Big Gift to Galaxy S7 Owners

Buyers of the Korean tech giant's latest smartphone receive a Gear VR headset valued at nearly $100.

Time Warner Inc, Not Disney, Is Behind the Next "Star Wars" Video Game

"Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will hit store shelves in June.

Yes, the Galaxy S7 Has Qualcomm Inside

The Snapdragon 820 powers Samsung's latest Android smartphone.


This New Smartphone Could Be the iPhone's Biggest Competition in China

Xiaomi's Mi 5 nearly matches Samsung's Galaxy S7 in specs, but retails for just a fraction of the price.

Samsung Is Catching Up to Apple TV

In less than a year, the Korean tech giant's Tizen-powered smart TVs have managed to hit a sales level it took Apple TV nearly eight years to achieve.

Time Warner's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Could Fuel Its Business for Years to Come

The second film in the DC Extended Universe will mark a turning point in its Warner Bros. business, setting the stage for strong results in the years to come.

HP Turns to Windows Phone for Its First Smartphone in Years

The HP Elite x3 is the first smartphone that can replace your laptop.

HBO Now Is Expensive; Don't Expect It to Get Any Cheaper

Time Warner is charging more for its streaming service than Netflix and Amazon, but has no plans to cut the cost.


Yelp, Inc. May Have an Employee Problem

Two former employees have taken to Medium to decry the local reviews giant. Investors should care.

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Apple's Biggest Chinese Competitor Arrives in the U.S.

Huawei's Honor 5X makes its debut on