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Mark Lin


Mark is a private value investor and is the author of website which uses a systematic quantitative screening approach to filter the global stock markets for cheap cigar-butts and wide-moat compounders.

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Which Company Is the Best Tissue-Paper Play?

It’s most investors’ dream to invest in a company that operates in a stable industry which boasts consistent market demand. One such industry is the tissue-paper business.

1 Stock For Investing In Child’s Play

Children-oriented businesses tend to be attractive investment candidates, as the paymasters are usually less price-sensitive. However, not every child-focused stock is equally appealing.

This Isn’t Your Typical National Pizza Chain

If you find pleasure in taking fresh pizza home and baking it yourself, you aren't alone. As more consumers prefer this over the traditional way of calling for cooked pizza, Papa Murphy's will benefit.

Can the Country’s Largest Chocolate Maker Still Grow?

There are many ways to grow, apart from market share gains and domestic industry growth. The country's largest chocolate maker boasts multiple drivers of growth that set it apart from other consumer companies.

This Stock Won't Sink in a Recession

You can find the best investment ideas in the most unlikely of places. This company will make money as long as swimming pools remain in service in your neighborhood.

Is Target on Target with its Recent Initiatives?

In the cutthroat world of retail, retailers have to continuously innovate to keep up with customers' needs. Target's recent initiatives don't seem to have hit the mark, given its inferior financial results relative to peers.

Can the World's Largest Retailer Still Grow?

It's always easier to grow from one dollar to two than to double a million dollars. Similarly, retail giant Wal-Mart faces an uphill battle delivering year-over-year growth on its large revenue base.

This Sporting Goods Retailer Is an Attractive Growth Stock

The best profitable investment opportunities are found with companies still at the high growth stage of their corporate life cycle. Sportsman’s Warehouse, which has the potential to increase its store footprint from 49 to 300, is one such company.

This Isn’t Your Average Packaged-Meat Company

What kind of company can increase its annual dividend for 48 years running? By focusing on the right products and the right deals, Hormel Foods has managed to outshine its peers in the packaged-meat industry with its stellar financial track record.

Will You Smell Profits With This Stock?

If you found your lunch today appetizing or your partner's perfume smelling good, you are the reason why companies like International Flavors & Fragrances maintain consistent revenues and profits.

Are These Two Beverage Companies a Good Match for Each Other?

The share price of SodaStream has reacted positively to news of potential M&A activity with Starbucks. However, investors should find out whether synergies exist between the two companies before committing to an investment.

Why This Beverage Company Is Good, but Not Great

Investors should look beyond near-term financial results when evaluating an investment. While Dr Pepper Snapple recently delivered good quarterly results, it isn't well positioned for the future.

Did These Food Companies Make the Right Deals?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) aren't necessarily value-destroying, if done for the right reason. For example, buying new companies to stay relevant with customers is justified.

Can This Grocer Compete With the Retail Goliaths?

Companies compete on a host of other factors apart from size. Kroger doesn’t fear competition from rivals like Wal-Mart and Costco, because it has its own unique set of competitive advantages.