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Ryan Sullivan


Ryan Sullivan is an investor who enjoys finding opportunities with companies that are growing their businesses through new technologies. Follow Ryan on Twitter @IamRyanSullivan

Recent articles

Sprint Should Bid for T-Mobile

Sprint is considering a potential bid for T-Mobile, which would consolidate the third and fourth largest wireless companies.

Sony Leverages the PS4 to Sell More PS Vitas

Sony strategically leverages the PS4 to sell more PS Vitas through its Remote Play feature.

Google to Fuel the Expansion of In-Car Mobile Technology

Google and Audi are expected to partner to use Android-powered in-car mobile technology in Audi vehicles.

Amazon: A Leader in the Evolution of 4K Ultra HD

Amazon recently announced that it will film all its 2014 original series in the 4K Ultra HD format.

Responsys Helps Oracle Expand Marketing Cloud

Responsys entered into an agreement to be acquired by Oracle, which will help expand Oracle's cloud-based marketing services.

Verizon Looks to Give Intel’s OnCue a New Home

Verizon is in negotiations to buy Intel's OnCue Internet-based TV service, which would help expand Verizon's video services.

eBay Looks to Braintree to Help PayPal Compete

eBay recently acquired Braintree to help PayPal compete in the mobile payment space.

AVG Protects Apple Mac Users by Expanding AntiVirus Software to the Mac OS

AVG recently announce the availability of AVG AntiVirus for Mac, which expands the company's antivirus offerings to Apple's Mac platform.

HP-Powered Superpod Fills Gap in Salesforce’s Cloud-Based Services

Salesforce.com and HP recently partnered to create the new Superpod product, a service using Salesforce’s multi-tenant cloud on HP's converged infrastructure technology.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Is a Win for Activision and a Perspective on EA's Buggy "Battlefield 4"

Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts is the leading next-generation console game and is the no. 1 seller among key retailers.

The Nexus 5 Is Synaptics' Calling Card to the Mobile Industry

The Nexus 5 will showcase Synaptics' latest technology and help grow its mobile clientele.

Netflix Looks to Double Down on Original Content

Netflix looks to double investment in original content to promote on-demand programs and create social buzz around the Netflix brand.

Paychex's Strategic Move Into Cloud-Based Accounting

Paychex has launched a cloud-based accounting application that could prove to be a catalyst for future growth.

AVG Edges out Symantec in the Android Marketplace

AVG has surpassed 100 million downloads of the AntiVirus Security application on the Google Play store, which demonstrates growing concern over potential security exploits of the Google Android platform.