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Simon Erickson

Simon Erickson


I am a believer in the power of disruptive innovation, and that individual investors can significantly outperform the market over long periods of time. I am the lead advisor of our Motley Fool Explorer service, where we look for future-focused companies well-poised to capitalize on developing long-term trends.

Recent articles

CME Group's Efficiency Continues to Reward Investors

CME Group's reported a 22% increase in adjusted earnings per share in the third quarter, driven by modest growth and efficiency improvements.


Silicon Valley's Big Bet in Healthcare

Data-driven genomics is improving the treatment of cancer, which can be great news for both patients and investors.

Internet of Things - IoT

Lam Research Reports Weak First Quarter, but Is Buying Back Tons of Stock

Lam's first-quarter results were uninspiring, but management is making shareholder-friendly moves.

Chalkboard formula learning math science education

The Future of Education: Online, Free, and With AI Teachers?

Duolingo is using artificial intelligence to teach 300 million people a foreign language for free. Will this be the future of education?

"Alexa, Make Me Money": Conversational AI Prepares for the Enterprise

Conversational AI is a technology that "could be as important to the enterprise as websites are today." See why Artificial Solutions' Chief Strategy Officer says this is a field investors need to know about.

Why Customer Loyalty Is So Important to Investors

Customer-obsessed companies have vastly outperformed the S&P 500 for decades. The vice president of Maritz Loyalty shares how customer satisfaction is evolving, and what it will mean for investors.

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MongoDB's Accelerated Growth Again Fueled by Atlas

It was yet another quarter of 400% annual revenue growth for Mongo's database-as-a-service offering, which could help explain why the stock is up more than 150% year to date.

Synthetic Biology Is Becoming the Next IT Industry. Here's What Investors Need to Know

The falling costs of genomic sequencing have led to exponential growth in synthetic biology. Ginkgo Bioworks' Chief Commercial Officer shares a few things investors should know about this fast-growing field.

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How Synthetic Biology's "Window of Innovation" Is Disrupting the Chemical Industry

A new field of synthetic biology is disrupting the world's well-established chemical industry. Fermentum's CTO tells The Motley Fool about a few things that investors should be watching.

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How Pharmacogenomics Is Improving American Healthcare

America prescribes more than 4 billion drugs each year, and half of them aren't even working. The CEO of a leading pharmacogenomics firm shares his thoughts about a new cure to this issue and what it could mean for investors.

Internet of Things - IoT

Talend's Cloud-Based Sales Grew by 100% for the 8th Straight Quarter

The data-integration specialist reported another strong quarter, led by growth in the cloud and an expanding enterprise customer base.

Blockchain cryptocurrency ICO

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Invest in Blockchains

Bitcoin investors have ridden a volatility roller coaster for the past two years. Here's a much better long-term strategy for investing in blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

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3 Companies Rewarding Investors Through Buybacks

One fund's chief operating officer names three companies doing a great job with buybacks this year -- and the names might surprise you.

Blockchain cryptocurrency ICO

What Role Will Regulations Play in Blockchains' Future?

Blockchains hold incredible promise, but the absence of clear regulations could slow their adoption.


iQiyi's Second Quarter: Heavy Spending, but Even Stronger Subscriber Growth

Growth in membership revenue outpaced that of content costs, bringing the company one step closer to profitability.

Tableau Software's Q2 Results Suggest Its Business Transition Is Succeeding

The business-intelligence provider is becoming more profitable as it embraces a new subscription-based model.

Square POS

How Square Is Building a Payments Empire

Square is emerging as a leader in the fast-changing payments space and there's a lot to like about several of the company's recent ambitions.

Teladoc's Second Quarter Shows Signs of Scalability

America's largest provider of virtual medical consultations has grown quickly through acquisitions. And the business is beginning to show signs of profitability.

Internet of Things - IoT (1)

Memory Boosts Lam Research's Fourth-Quarter Results

The company has benefited from growth in the Internet of Things. Despite soft guidance, a recent dividend boost signifies confidence in its longer-term opportunity.

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Luna DNA Is About to Revolutionize Medicine -- and It'll Pay You to Help

Luna DNA co-founder and President Dawn Barry -- who was previously an executive at Illumina -- describes how Luna's community-owned genomic platform will improve the future of American healthcare.