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Casey Kelly-Barton

Casey Kelly-Barton


Casey is a writer and journalist who follows the consumer goods, travel, and tech industries for The Motley Fool.

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Consumers show new willingness to play now, pay later.

Norwegian Cruise Line Sails Into Luxury Market

The company's planned acquisition of Prestige brands Regents Seven Seas and Oceania delivers access to well-heeled cruisers

How United Airlines Just Made It a Lot Easier to Check Your Bags

United and other airlines are experimenting with ways to cut lines at the ticket counter.

3 Ways "Work Martyr" Culture Hurts Everyone, and 3 Ways Companies Are Changing It

Expedia, Netflix, and SAS Institute show how companies thrive when employees get out more.

Hotel Industry Moves Upscale to Attract Millennials

Hilton, Marriott, and IHG plan to court the younger generation with fancier properties, better amenities.

Haven’t Booked Your Labor Day Trip Yet? 4 Things You Need to Know

Industry forecasters expect a big increase in the number of Labor Day travelers this year.

The 1-Minute Job Search

Recruiting and staffing software company Jobscience rolls out a fast, new way to find work on the go.


Will SeaWorld's Bet on New Killer Whale Habitats Pay Off?

The amusement park chain pushes back against “Blackfish” effect, falling earnings, by announcing new orca environments.


Royal Caribbean's Forecast: Sunny Sailing

Chairman and CEO Richard Fain talks with The Motley Fool about what's on the horizon for the company, passengers, and the industry.

Why Royal Caribbean Is Sending Its Coolest Ship to China

CEO Richard Fain talked to The Motley Fool about why his company is pulling out all the stops for Chinese cruisers.

What Benefits Do Companies Offer Their Employees? Now Job Seekers Can Find Out Before the Interview

Employee reviews -- plus benefit search-and-compare features -- make job hunts and hiring more efficient.

A Clear Path to Smarter Hiring and Job Hunting

"Transparency" is a hot concept right now. What does it really mean for job seekers and companies?


How Royal Caribbean’s Massive Bandwidth Upgrade Courts Millennials

The hottest new on-board amenity for young travelers: faster Internet connections

How Glassdoor's Job Explorer Could Put a Dent in U.S. Unemployment

Glassdoor's new Job Explorer tool makes job-hunting more accurate and less time-consuming.

20 Top-Rated Careers for Work-Life Balance

As PepsiCo’s CEO and the media question whether work-life balance is even possible, workers cite the jobs that offer them the most flexibility.

The 3 Companies That Will Dominate the Theme Park Industry for Years to Come

Amusement parks owned by Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, and SeaWorld Entertainment dominate travelers' top picks in the U.S. and abroad -- and that's not likely to change soon.

hilton curacao

3 Lesser-Known Caribbean Vacation Destinations That Will Benefit Developers and Tourists

Travelers crave new thrills and offbeat destinations -- and developers are delivering.

5 Travel Apps That Make for a Better Trip -- Even if You're Offline

TripAdvisor and Google's recent updates are part of a trend toward offline travel tools.

mint suite

Why Airlines Should Be Worried About JetBlue's Mint Business Class

JetBlue gives business class cross-country fliers more room. What might that mean for profit margins overall on America's most lucrative route?

Why Caribbean Vacations Are Becoming Big Business for Airlines, Cruise Lines, and Even Rail Lines

Delta, Southwest, and Amtrak are offering more ways to get to the islands.