Being highly regarded at work can set the stage for promotions and other such positive advancements. But more than that, having a good reputation at your company could buy you job security and make going to work far more pleasant. If you're new to your job, or worry you're perhaps not the most well-liked employee around, here's how to establish a positive reputation.

1. Be helpful

Pitching in as needed sends the message that you're not only a nice person, but a team player. And that's important for your boss and colleagues to know. The next time you see a coworker struggling to solve a problem or meet a deadline, offer your assistance graciously if you're able to help. Giving a small amount of your time here and there could go a long way.

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2. Be humble

There's nothing wrong with presenting yourself as smart and capable at the office. But don't cross the line into arrogance. If you're modest about your accomplishments and skill set, others will be more eager to work with you and learn from you. Come off as conceited, and you'll achieve the opposite effect

3. Take ownership of your mistakes

We're all human, which means there will probably come a point when you mess something up at work, whether it's a simple email or a major presentation. It's the way you react in the face of that blunder, however, that speaks to the type of person you are. Owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility for them sends a positive message in the face of unfortunate circumstances. But if you attempt to put the blame on someone else or concoct excuses, it'll only make you look bad.

4. Apologize when necessary

Maybe you inadvertently left someone off a group email who should've been included, or neglected to share information that caused another colleague problems. No matter the circumstances, it's always a good idea to apologize when you're in the wrong, even for seemingly minor issues. This sends the message that you respect others and care about their feelings.

5. Don't be a complainer

Many work environments are stressful, and it's hard to be a ray of sunshine in the face of looming deadlines and endless pressure. But if you want to build a solid reputation at your company, avoid complaining at all costs. Instead, be that person who comes up with solutions to problems or challenges, and inspires others to do the same. This is something your boss in particular will no doubt come to appreciate.

6. Have patience

Patience is a virtue many of us don't possess. But if you work on being tolerant at the office, it'll help your reputation tremendously. The next time you're faced with a scenario where a colleague just can't seem to grasp your point, or has asked you the same question for the 14th time in the same month, do whatever it takes to avoid snapping or losing your cool. It's a good way to set yourself apart from the countless folks who lack that same capacity.

A strong reputation at work can help your career in more ways than one. Follow these guidelines, and with any luck, you'll earn the admiration and respect of those around you.