Of the various career risks you might take in the course of your life, there are certain ones you might eventually come to regret. But if there's one risk you shouldn't shy away from, it's starting your own venture. In fact, 78% of folks who start their own businesses are ultimately happy with that decision, according to data from Zety, so if you've been toying with the idea, here are some good reasons to move forward.

1. You get to call the shots

There's something to be said about having the freedom to be your own boss and dictate your own rules. When you own a business, you're in charge of everything from your company's mission and goals to the font you use on its letterhead. And while having that sudden load of responsibility can be challenging in some regards, it can also be thrilling and liberating.

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2. You can control your income

Salaried workers sign up to earn a certain amount of money each month and have to live with it. As a business owner, however, you have the power to control (boost) your income stream by putting in longer hours if you so choose, or taking other steps to increase profits. Furthermore, the more creative and innovative you are, the more you stand to benefit financially -- whereas those who work for other people often don't get to share in the upside to the same degree.

3. You can pursue your passion

There's the type of work you can tolerate, and the type that fulfills you to your core. Starting up a business means getting to spend your days doing something you're truly passionate about, all the while earning money from it.

4. You can set your own schedule

Most workers today are dissatisfied with their work-life balance. When you run a business, you have the power to set your own hours and arrange your work schedule in a manner that suits your lifestyle. This means you can scale back on clients or hire additional hands on deck when you want to go on vacation, or give yourself a long weekend when you feel you're due a break.

5. You can make a difference

The purpose of running a business isn't always just to make money. If you care about supporting your community or making a positive impact on others, then starting a business offers a real opportunity to do just that. You might, for example, set up a charitable program where you offer your product or services to underprivileged folks in need. Or, you might go out of your way to hire workers who might otherwise struggle with employment. There's a host of ways you can make a difference once you have your business in place, so it's really just a matter of figuring out the specifics.

Of course, starting a business isn't a decision you should jump into blindly. You'll need savings and a solid plan to make that dream a sound reality. But if you're prepared financially and logistically, there's a good chance you'll wind up more than satisfied with your choice.