What's your idea of a dream job? It is being put in charge of marketing campaigns? Overseeing major financial decisions? Running programs that help or benefit others?

There are so many ways to define a dream job, and if you didn't manage to snag yours this year, it's time to set your sights on 2019. Here are a few steps you can take to land that perfect role in the coming year.

1. Step up at your current job

Simply clocking in a certain number of years at a given company or in a given role doesn't automatically qualify you for a promotion or better opportunity. Rather, to get to that level, you'll generally need to go well above and beyond the call of duty. As the new year kicks in, pledge to volunteer for projects that don't normally fall under your purview, or come up with new initiatives to benefit your company. Doing so will show the powers that be that you're innovative, capable, and valuable -- qualities that will help you take your career in the direction you want it to go.

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2. Take a few risks

Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone to move your career to the right path. If you've mostly shied away from taking risks in the past, make 2019 the year you push yourself to make that leap. Will it be nerve-racking? Yes. But if, for example, you speak up and suggest turning a current process at work on its head and doing things your way, you'll come out a hero if your idea ends up working out. And that's a good way to get one step closer to the job you've always wanted.

3. Network like crazy

Getting the job you really want often boils down to knowing the right people. You can work hard, develop skills, and pretty much do everything right, but if you don't learn of opportunities when they first arise, you'll often end up missing out on them. That's why it's crucial to spend a lot of time networking. The better a job you do of connecting with the right people or staying in touch with existing contacts, the greater your chances of getting a chance to apply for the job that could be the best one you've ever had.

4. Keep learning

The best way to position yourself for the perfect job out there is to make yourself as qualified as humanly possible. And often, that comes down to pushing yourself to learn, even if you're already a so-called expert in your field. So sign up for classes, attend some seminars, and add a few professional certifications to your resume. They'll come in handy in not only helping you get a better job, but excelling at the one you're currently in.

5. Start your own business

If you can't find anyone else to give you your dream job, there may come a point when you need to just give it to yourself by starting a business or venturing out independently. For example, if you've longed to be a senior copywriter for years but can't work your way up at your agency, start your own agency. If you can't get promoted to an IT role where you get to call the shots, start an IT company and oversee its various accounts. Sometimes, you need to carve out your own opportunities rather than wait for someone else to take a chance on you. So if you're tired of waiting, take matters into your own hands.

You deserve to have a job that fulfills you emotionally and financially. Step up your game in 2019 and that dream job could be yours.