Hiring new workers for your business is no easy feat. Not only is the process time consuming, but it takes you away from the things you need to do as a business owner.

If you're lucky enough to have your own human resources department, you may not need to get involved in the hiring process at all. But if you're a smaller shop with limited staff, chances are you'll be the ultimate decision maker when bringing new employees on board.

That said, you don't have to go through the process completely on your own. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to involving your staff when you're looking to build your team.

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Give your employees a voice when hiring

One major benefit of letting your existing employees participate in the hiring process is that in doing so, you'll streamline it, thereby freeing up some of your own time. If you allow your staff members to vet new candidates or conduct in-depth interviews, they'll manage to weed out those applicants who aren't the right fit. That way, you'll only have to speak to a handful of potential hires to narrow down your choices.

Just as importantly, in involving your staff, you'll help your employees feel more invested in and connected to the business. And you're more likely to find new hires who mesh well with the team.

Think about it: Your employees are more likely to interact with new hires than you are on an ongoing basis, since they'll be in the trenches together while you're busy running the actual business. As such, it makes sense to give them a say in the hiring process so that they choose colleagues they're likely to get along with and who will fit in well with the team.

A group effort

There are several ways you can involve your staff when hiring new workers. First, you can assign trusted employees to review incoming resumes and identify those with potential. Next, you can have your staff members conduct phone screens with candidates who seem promising before bringing them in. This will help further narrow your pool. From there, you can have your employees conduct interviews and provide detailed feedback so that you're only sitting down with the most appealing candidates of the lot.

Another way to involve your staff members: Enlist their help in writing up job descriptions. Chances are your employees are just as familiar with the work involved in various roles as you are, and they might have insight into certain requirements or skills to list that increase your chances of finding the right people.

Hiring new employees can be a cumbersome process, especially when you're trying to build your team while also keeping your company up and running. By involving your staff, you'll make them feel more important, all the while benefiting from their input and advice. That's a winning combination for everyone involved.