New Age Beverages Corp. (NASDAQ:NBEV) has had some wild price swings over the past three weeks, and the volatility is only going to intensify in the next few days. The distributor of organic and healthy functional beverages has a big analyst conference presentation tomorrow, and then it's off to the North American Convenience Store expo to see if it can get retailers excited about its new cannabis-inspired product line. 

Saying that one of the wildest stocks  in recent weeks is about to get wilder might seem to be hand-dipped in hyperbole. The stock's now a five-bagger since the start of last month. However, between a chance to show investors that the hefty gains are justified and then an opportunity to wow convenience store operators into stocking its new CBD-infused products, there won't be a lot of sleep for New Age Beverages bulls and bears.

Mellow Mood beverages through a Bob Marley license.

Image source: New Age Beverages.

Oct. 4

New Age Beverages will present at the 4th Annual B. Riley FBR Consumer & Media Conference at 11 a.m. on Thursday. CEO Brent David Willis will be discussing his company's major strategic initiatives before breaking off for personal meetings with institutional investors.

Stocks don't necessarily move higher after a conference presentation, and it's always possible that the shares could move lower if the presentation doesn't justify the stock quadrupling over the past five weeks. Volatility will be on the menu. 

Oct. 8

Convenience store operators and their suppliers will be off to Vegas on Sunday for the North American Convenience Store show, a four-day expo at which industry folks get to rub elbows with their colleagues and explore or expand retailing relationships. The expo starts on Oct. 7, but it will be on the second day -- Monday -- that New Age Beverages will debut its CBD-fueled product portfolio

It was the initial press release announcing this date in mid-September that got the market rallying around New Age Beverages as the next speculative marijuana stock. The excitement might seem premature given the large number of companies already working on cannabis-inspired canned and bottled drinks, but it could be a different story at the other end of the expo if New Age Beverages is able to strike some lucrative distribution deals. 

The last three weeks have been fierce for one of the market's most volatile and now riskiest investments, but more headlines will be coming in the next few days. Buckle up, investors, traders, and speculators. The big swings up and down will continue.

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