What happened

Shares of gaming giant Caesars Entertainment Corporation (NASDAQ:CZR) jumped as much as 24.1% in midday trading after reports of a potential merger leaked out. Shares settled down later in the day and closed up 12.2% on the day.

So what

Reuters reported earlier today that billionaire Tilman Fertitta, who owns the Golden Nugget casinos, has approached Caesars about a potential merger. Details aren't known, but Golden Nugget's smaller size compared to Caesars would likely make this a reverse merger, with Caesars effectively buying Fertitta's company with stock.

A row of slot machines in a casino

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News reports quickly threw cold water on the potential deal, given Golden Nugget's small size and Caesars' own interest in buying Jack Entertainment. But shares reacted positively to news of a potential merger nonetheless.

Now what

Caesars buying Golden Nugget sounds a little wild, but management may be finding ways to increase the value of a stock that's been stuck in a rut by drumming up merger interest. As with most rumors, I want to see more concrete news before getting too excited about any merger right now. Given the size and complexity of Caesars' capital structure, I don't see a buyout as a likely scenario -- especially so soon after Caesars underwent reorganization itself, which was a long and painful process.

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