With the number of COVID-19 cases rapidly spreading across the U.S., Apple (AAPL -0.60%) announced a new COVID-19 website and app in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control, the Coronavirus Task Force, and FEMA. 

In a press release, Apple said the website and app are designed to make it easier for people to get accurate and reliable information about the pandemic and tips to stay healthy. 

Globe with a mask on it.


Through the new app and Website, users are asked a series of questions about risk factors, recent exposure, and symptoms for themselves or a family member. They will then receive CDC recommendations as to what next steps they should take. It could include encouraging social distancing and self-isolation, how to monitor symptoms, when to contact a medical provider, and whether or not they should take a test. Apple stressed that the new screening tool isn't aimed at replacing instructions from medical providers or guidance from state and local health authorities. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are receiving mixed messages from state and federal government officials. New York, California, Michigan, and Connecticut are among the states that have issued shelter in place mandates. At the same time, President Trump said he wants Americans working again and will revisit the social distancing recommendations next week. 

Apple's new app and Website will also provide resources to help people stay informed. Customers can also ask Siri, Apple's voice-activated digital assistant, "How do I know if I have coronavirus?" to get access to resources from CDC and a curated collection of telehealth apps. Anyone in the U.S. who is 18 or older has access to Apple's new screening tools. Apple said all user data will remain private and secure.