Roku (ROKU -3.96%) is rolling out a new operating system with voice support that, aside from working with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, also lets you find movies to watch by using popular movie quotes.

The new feature is being introduced first in Canada and the U.K., but will roll out everywhere during April.

Roku TV set

Image source: Roku.

Say hello to my little friend

Roku OS 9.3 is a free, automatic software update that offers a number of enhancements to the streaming video experience, including faster boot times for a device and allowing users to speak more naturally using more natural phrases such as "Show me" or "I want to watch."

Users can also control playback and search functions using's Alexa and Alphabet's Google Assistant virtual assistants, and if you have a Roku TV, you can use them to tune into channels, switch HDMI inputs, control the volume, or switch your TV on and off.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the updated OS is the ability to quote famous lines from movies to search for the movie. While Roku doesn't indicate how extensive its quotes library is, TechRadar says it doesn't actually scan the screenplay or subtitle of every film, but rather uses a database of dialogue linked to specific titles. Undoubtedly, it is also limited to bigger Hollywood hits and does not include every art-house film made, though it's a fun feature nonetheless.

Roku Voice is available on the remote of the Roku Streaming Stick+ and through its mobile app for all Roku streaming devices. It will be released in phases to all Roku TV models over the coming months.