Throughout this week and next week, Dunkin' (DNKN) is offering a free delivery promotion to customers who place orders worth $10 or more, according to a press release published this morning. The promotion is currently available at the approximately 2,700 Dunkin' outlets where Grubhub (GRUB) offers delivery, though Dunkin' is in the process of expanding the number of locations covered. The free delivery offer is valid through Sunday, April 19.

The promotion takes place during an ongoing rollout of Dunkin' Delivers, which will see 1,300 more Dunkin' restaurants offering Grubhub delivery by April 16. During the last three days of the deal, customers will be able to get free deliveries from roughly 4,000 Dunkin' restaurants, up from the current 2,700.

A Dunkin' Donuts drive-through in operation.

Image source: Dunkin' Brands.

The expansion will add deliveries in key cities across the country including Atlanta, Jacksonville, Houston, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Cleveland. People interested in taking advantage of the deal can check Grubhub's website to see if the delivery service operates at their local Dunkin'. 

The promotion is the latest of several Dunkin' has launched as it seeks to offset the dine-in downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A few days ago, it extended its Free Donut Fridays through April. As the stock market slowly rebounds, it has also seen moderate share value gains after sinking to mid-March lows