Dunkin' (NASDAQ:DNKN) declared on its Facebook page this morning that butter pecan flavored coffee is back. Described as "one of the most-requested coffee flavors," butter pecan features on Dunkin's menu nearly every spring, often in March.

This year, the special beverage didn't return in March, likely because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The coffee has now reappeared for a limited time, however, available for ordering on the Dunkin' app for contact-free payment, with options for carry-out or drive-thru window pickup.

A Dunkin' Donuts drive-through in operation.

Image source: Dunkin' Brands.

According to a Dunkin' blog post, butter pecan coffee originated in the company's test kitchens years ago. Personnel were experimenting with turning ice cream flavors from the company's Baskin-Robbins brand into flavored beverages for sale at Dunkin' Donuts outlets. One of the test kitchen team's favorites turned out to be butter pecan, which quickly became a popular coffee item among customers.

Dunkin' also announced three more promotions. The company says it's extending Free Donut Fridays throughout the month of May. Originally slated only for March, the donut program was prolonged through April in response to COVID-19. Now, for the same reason, DD perks members will continue to get a free donut with most beverage purchases on all five Fridays in May, too. 

The company's also adding two "croissant stuffers" to its menu, one featuring bacon, chicken, and cheese, the other a vegetarian variant with three different cheeses. Finally, its $2 Iced Monday promotion offers DD Perks members $2 iced medium coffees on every Monday in May, as Dunkin' says "many Americans could use a pick-me-up in these unprecedented times."

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