Today, cannabis company Aphria (NASDAQ:APHA) announced that its  subsidiary in Malta, ASG Pharma, has received the European Union's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

This certification was issued by the Malta Medicines Authority and allows Aphria to produce and research medical marijuana products at its facility. Aphria can now import cannabis resin and dried flowers, and package and distribute GMP-compliant cannabis products all across Europe.

Person extracting cannabis oil from a bottle

Image source: Getty Images.

During its last earnings call, Aphria confirmed that the analytical laboratory it's constructing in Malta will be fully operational in the second half of its fiscal 2020, which ends May 31. The company will perform cannabis processing and packaging operations at the same facility.

Though Malta is a small country, Aphria will now be able to ship its products to other EU member states where medical marijuana use is legal. Earlier this year, Aphria received GMP certifications for its Aphria One Facility in Ontario, as well as for another subsidiary, Avanti Rx Analytics.

The certification will help the Canada-based marijuana leader to gain traction in the medical cannabis segment, a high growth market in Europe.

"We are pleased to receive EU GMP certification for ASG in Malta, our third facility to achieve this milestone, which really speaks to the Company's commitment to quality," Aphria CEO Irwin D. Simon said. "We remain excited about growth opportunities as this increases our ability to serve, and further strengthens Aphria's leadership, in the European Union."

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