What happened 

Shares of Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN) jumped 42.1% in April, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence, magnifying the market's incredible rise. However, investors may evaluate the stock differently after first-quarter earnings are released after the market closes today. 

So what 

In April, Wynn's stock rode the market's rise overall. The company's stock is highly volatile, so it's not surprising to see the sharp move higher. But Wynn Resorts started to answer some questions about how it will survive the current crisis that has shut down its casinos at different times. 

Slot machines on a casino floor.

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Management raised $600 million in a debt offering early in April, showing that debt markets were still open to the company. The offering was increased from an originally planned $350 million offering because of high demand.

The problem is that revenue may be tough to come by for the next few months and no one knows when a recovery will take place. U.S. resorts aren't open and Macao's gambling revenue was down 96.8% versus a year ago, which makes it almost negligible for a company like Wynn Resorts. 

Now what 

What we haven't seen yet is an update on where Wynn Resorts' balance sheet stands today and how much cash the company is burning on a monthly basis. Look for that update in the company's earnings release today, as well as comments about when management thinks gamblers will return.

Travel restrictions in China may hamper consumer demand for the next month or two, but early indications are that casinos expect demand to pick up as the summer goes on. That could be bullish for casino stocks long term. 

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