In the latest of a series of enterprise-supporting initiatives, Visa (NYSE:V) is launching the Visa Small Business Hub. This online portal aims to provide a range of services for modestly sized companies in over 20 countries.

According to Visa, the Small Business Hub covers what the company considers to be the three key stages of such an enterprise's life. It has resources for starting a business, running it effectively, and growing it out of the "small" designation.

Hand holding a blue Visa card.

Image source: Visa.

Included within those cycles are tools and tips provided by Visa and some of the payment card giant's partners. These companies include DIY web design site, e-commerce facilitator Shopify, and digital payment leader PayPal Holdings. For a limited time, users can also access Visa's own dedicated small-business platform without paying a monthly "gateway" fee.

"Navigating the waves of recovery brings unique challenges for small business owners," the company wrote, referring to the economic hardships from the coronavirus. "Meeting consumer demands for digital-first experiences can and should be a seamless undertaking, especially when resources can be found in a single place."

The launch of the Visa Small Business Hub follows the company's announcement of a suite of products and services it is rolling out for that segment of the economy to help survive the coronavirus. Visa, of course, has a direct and material interest in supporting such enterprises; as the most ubiquitous card brand in the world, it is nearly always an option at any business that accepts cards as payment.

On Friday, however, Visa's shares fell roughly in concert with the day's bear market, declining by 2.4%.

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