The 900 million users of Verizon's (VZ -1.07%) Yahoo! Mail can now shop for groceries at Walmart (WMT -0.10%) after the communication giant's Verizon Media division (which includes Yahoo!) partnered with the supermarket leader to create the new feature within the mail app.

The Groceries From Walmart service will join Yahoo! Mail's Grocery View tab that allows users to clip coupons from local supermarkets and apply them at checkout. The new program view lets users browse Walmart's aisles from within their inbox, add items to their shopping cart, and purchase their order.

Yahoo Mail app on smartphones

The Yahoo! Mail app. Image source: Verizon Media.

Groceries in your inbox

Verizon Media says the feature was given new momentum by the coronavirus pandemic, which has more people shopping online for groceries than ever before. Shopping at Walmart, both in store and online, has soared during the pandemic.

In addition to being able to shop for groceries, track coupons, and seek out promotions, users get personalized grocery recommendations based on their Yahoo! profiles. And because their shopping carts never expire, they can continuously add more items to their cart as needed. They'll be able to check out when ready and pick up their order at their local Walmart

Guru Gowrappan, CEO of Verizon Media, said, "Because of the unprecedented coronavirus challenge, online grocery shopping is now the new normal and Verizon Media is well-positioned to take advantage of the behavior shifts."

The service is currently available on the Yahoo! Mail iOS app and desktop, with Android coming later this year.