If you're an investor, a car fanatic, or even just a passive Twitter user, the odds you've at least considered throwing some cash behind Tesla (TSLA -0.08%) stock are probably pretty good. Or perhaps you've considered betting against it. 

The stock has been in the $2,000 range for much of the month of August, but with a freshly-minted stock 5-1 split, which puts the share price at closer to $470 a piece, it's more accessible now. Short sellers still may not be convinced, though.

Arguments against the electric car company have been sound, no doubt. CEO Elon Musk tends to regularly put his foot in his mouth, car stocks are notorious poor performers in recent history, and its valuation has been historically sky-high. 

But is Tesla just a car company? Watch the video below for the fast facts you need on this hot stock.