Amazon (AMZN 0.58%) only announced back in February that it was going on a hiring spree and adding 15,000 new jobs at its Bellevue, Washington, campus. The e-commerce giant has apparently already filled those positions and still needs more -- so it will add an additional 10,000 positions.

In a blog post on Amazon's website, the company said it secured 2 million more square feet of office space to accommodate the new hires. And there's likely to be more coming soon.

Rendering of office campus

Artist rendering of one of Amazon's new office towers, West Main. Image source: Amazon.

A new city to call home

Amazon has called Seattle home since soon after its founding in 1994, but its relationship with the city has increasingly become strained as its politicians sought to extract more revenue out of the retailer. In July Seattle passed a payroll tax that primarily targets the retailer and the bill's sponsor warned CEO Jeff Bezos, "we are coming for you."

That has led Amazon to pull more and more jobs out of the city, settling in the more business-friendly suburb of Bellevue, 10 miles away. 

Amazon has secured substantial real estate in the city, most recently the 555 Tower -- the tallest building in Bellevue-- and West Main, a three-building project.

Amazon also notes there are more job opportunities to come as it will begin developing the second phase of its 27-story office tower complex, Bellevue 600.

In addition to bringing new jobs to the city, the retailer also announced it was giving Bellevue's Human Services Fund a $1 million grant to support health and human service providers helping local families in need.