It often seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to handle everything we need or want to do. So many items languish on our to-do lists, and that includes taking care of our finances and investments.

Fortunately, you don't have to put off learning more about investing in order to become better at it -- and, ideally, make more money. You can learn a lot and often be entertained in the process by listening to financial podcasts, and you can listen while doing other things such as driving or exercising.

Here are 12 great podcasts related to investing -- from the basics to venture capital, real estate investing, and more. They can introduce you to exciting companies you don't know about, industry insiders with valuable insights, and great investors who share their strategies. 

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Great investing podcasts

  • The Stacking Benjamins Show: This entertaining podcast sports 300-some episodes on topics ranging from diversification to financial planning to what we can learn from losing. Guests include authors of popular financial books, hosts of radio shows and podcasts, and even accomplished coaches.
  • Sound Investing: Episodes of this podcast feature answers to listeners' questions as well as deep dives into topics such as the risks of investing, investing for your children's future, and how to be a great investor. It also offers interviews with financial professionals.
  • Money for the Rest of Us: This weekly podcast covers a wide range of topics, such as what the current low-interest rate environment means for investors, how buy-and-hold has its limits, and where to find inflation-beating yields.
  • Invest Like the Best: This weekly podcast features wide-ranging interviews with business and investing luminaries. Recent episodes have featured investing guru Michael Mauboussin discussing the shift from public to private markets and Charlie Songhurst, the former head of strategy at Microsoft, offering lessons he's learned from the nearly 500 companies he's invested in.

Venture capital investing

Most of us are not likely to get too close to venture capital (VC), which features deep-pocketed investors who typically buy chunks of small, young companies -- like Facebook or Google in their early days -- before the companies go public via IPOs. They often provide guidance to the companies' management too, aiming to help the company grow briskly with their money, so that they can eventually cash out. It's worth learning more about VC investors to inform our own stock investing, as they can provide insights on what to look for in a business and how to evaluate it.

  • The Full Ratchet: This podcast is devoted to demystifying the world of venture capital. You'll hear plenty of stories about successful investments as well as "post-mortems" about investments that failed and why. Recent episodes have featured very unusual pitches by companies, start-up lessons learned, and sectors positioned for great growth.
  • The Twenty Minute VC: This podcast offers gobs of talks with VC investors. Recent episodes have addressed topics such as "Sequoia's Ravi Gupta on His Lessons From the Hyper-Growth of Instacart" and "Why Complexity Increases Exponentially With Scale."
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Real estate investing

Besides stocks (and bonds), many investors are interested in real estate, and there are plenty of podcasts that cover that part of the financial universe. Here are some to check out: 

  • BiggerPockets Podcast: With more than 400 episodes, this podcast has been around for a long time and has addressed just about every possible real estate topic. Recent episodes have centered on identifying the best properties, gaining trust, and other life-changing advice.
  • The Real Estate Guys Radio Show: This is another podcast that has been around a long time. Recent episodes bear titles such as "Building a Successful Real Estate Portfolio as an Active or Passive Investor," "Growing Pandemic-Proof Profits for the Long Term," and "The Best Opportunity in Real Estate Investing Right Now."
  • The Millionacres Podcast: A disclosure -- is a Motley Fool division focused on real estate investing. This is its new podcast, which will tackle the basics of investing in real estate (including REITs) and discuss various real estate companies.

Motley Fool investing podcasts

Some other shows to consider are our very own Motley Fool podcasts. All address investing directly or indirectly, typically examining specific companies and industries and assessing their challenges, opportunities, and investment potential. Here are three examples:

  • Motley Fool Money: This podcast helps investors make sense of recent business news. You'll hear from industry experts, business book authors, and Motley Fool stock analysts. You'll glean a bunch of stock recommendations with coverage of companies such as Amazon, NVIDIA, and Snowflake. Recent episodes have also covered portfolio allocation and why smart people make dumb money mistakes.
  • Motley Fool Answers: This podcast tackles lots of personal finance topics weekly, helping listeners with retirement planning, mortgage refinancing, and insurance. The hosts will dive into investing topics such as real estate investment trusts (REITs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), capital gains taxes, and socially responsible investing as well.
  • Rule Breaker Investing: This weekly podcast features Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner, who came up with the dynamic Rule Breaker investing strategy decades ago. It focuses on innovative and disruptive companies with high growth potential -- such as Etsy and Teladoc Health -- as well as lots of issues of interest to investors, and even some games.

If you want to get better at investing, which will likely lead to you increasing your returns, you'll need to keep learning about new businesses, industries, and ways of investing. You can do so by reading widely -- or by listening to podcasts. The ones above are well worth checking out, and you'll find plenty of others in the podcast universe too.