Apple (AAPL 0.69%) is clearing the decks in preparation for the launch of its own audio gear. Bloomberg reported on Monday that the tech giant abruptly removed from its online store the speakers and earphones from rival manufacturers including Bose, Logitech (LOGI 2.86%), and Sonos (SONO -0.30%).

Now when you visit Apple's "Headphones & Speakers" page on its website, it consists solely of Apple products. Employees at Apple's physical retail stores have also been told to remove the competing products from the selling floor.

Apple's Homepod

Image source: Apple.

Whatever you want, as long as it's Apple

This is not the first time Apple has removed competitors' products ahead of introducing its own version of an item. For example, just prior to launching the Apple Watch in 2014, it eliminated Fitbit (FIT) devices from the site.

Bloomberg says Apple is preparing to offer its first branded over-ear headphones, perhaps by the end of the year, and more audio products are due soon.

A search for "Sonos" on the website returns hits for Apple's own HomePod, a Beats portable speaker, and other non-Sonos products. Searching for "Logitech," however, returns listings for Logitech keyboards, security cameras, pens, remotes, and more, indicating companies will still be able to sell devices that don't compete with Apple's own audio products. Bose and Sonos don't have other devices they could offer on Apple's website.

Bose confirmed to Bloomberg that Apple no longer sells its speakers, and Logitech's Ultimate Ears unit said it was told its products would no longer be available through Apple after September.

With a new Apple hardware event rumored to be happening this month, it could be we'll see all the new audio products from the tech company that will become available.