Apple (AAPL 0.31%) unveiled its latest line of iPhones on Tuesday, along with a new home speaker and numerous product enhancements. The event, usually held live, was instead live-streamed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new series of the company's signature phone line features four models: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini. These range in size from the mini's 5.4-inch screen to the Pro Max, which has the largest iPhone screen ever at 6.7 inches. All models feature slightly revamped designs from their predecessors.

Apple's new iPhone 12 in various colors.

The new iPhone 12. Image source: Apple.

The four models have 5G capability, and their cameras feature enhanced hardware and capabilities compared with their predecessors. The Pro and Pro Max both have a lidar sensor, which allows the phone to make a quick scan of its environment. This will be particularly useful for functions centered around augmented reality (AR), a technology Apple considers to have great potential.

Among other enhancements, the Pro and Pro Max both feature Apple's new Ceramic Shield cover, which its maker claims "provides the biggest jump in durability ever on iPhone."

The mini starts at $699, the iPhone 12 begins at $799, the Pro will set a consumer back $899, and the Pro Max tops out the line at $1,099. Pre-orders for both the iPhone 12 and the Pro start this Friday, Oct. 16, and the two models will be available starting one week later. For the mini and the Pro Max, those dates are Friday, Nov. 6, and Friday, Nov. 13, respectively.

Speaking of mini models, Apple also introduced its HomePod mini. Starting at $99, this is a smaller and cheaper version of the company's HomePod, its entry in the smart-speaker market. It's available starting Friday, Nov. 6.