E-commerce has come into its own in 2020. Not only have those who've been using online retail for years increased their use of e-commerce during the coronavirus pandemic, but millions of others have discovered the convenience of online shopping. Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY) has certainly benefited, with sales up almost 70%, and its shares up 289% year to date at this writing. 

Those big gains, along with coronavirus vaccines being distributed and administered, has some people thinking it might be time to sell. But on the Nov. 30 edition of "The Wrap," host Jason Hall described why Etsy is worth buying at these prices, and how investors are still overlooking Etsy's prospects. Check out the video below from Motley Fool Live for his reasons why. 


Jason Hall: I've got another one here, it's a little more of a traditional e-commerce company, but I think it's the one of the people still tend to overlook, and that's Etsy. This is a stock that's up 289% this year. Revenues up 68%.

To me I think, as we're getting into the holidays, I think what's going to happen, something else that I've said on Fool Live a couple of times is that I really think more people are going to be exposed to everything that Etsy offers as a destination, as a retailer, as a place to shop. To a large extent, it is about gifts, it is about crafts, it is about special occasion stuff, home decor, neat little gifts that you might give somebody for a baby shower. But I think the reality is that it's more expansive than just that.

I think people are going to become more exposed to it over the holiday season and I think that's going to truly unlock how powerful Etsy can be. I think it's also proven that it's absolutely Amazon-proof. The bottom line is that, people that make things for other people, whether you make leather wristbands for watches, or you're making fancy doilies or whatever it might be. If I'm making those things and selling them, the last thing I want to do is partner with Amazon, who is just going to figure out how to mass produce it, and undercut me. One is a partner, one has an incredible aggressive policy of being very anti-competitive and taking share wherever it can.

For that reason, Etsy is going to prove to be the place that people go to sell and it's going to continue to prove to be the place that people go to want to buy. If you don't already own Etsy, I think now is a great time to buy. Sure the stocks up over 280% this year, but this is only a $20 billion company. They are probably going to get to about $1.5 billion of sales this year. There is still a huge amount of room for this company to grow much larger. That's why it's my pick for e-commerce stock to buy. 

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