Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) may be having a change of heart about how much to commit to electric motorcycles and bikes in the future. 

The company's website was revamped to eliminate images of some concepts it was planning while still containing images of other electric vehicles it plans to bring to market. That suggests Harley's vision for electrifying motorcycles is much narrower than originally planned.

Rider charging a motorcycle

Recharging a Harley. Image source: Harley-Davidson.

Industry website Motorcycle.com noticed Harley-Davidson's Future Vehicles web page looked a little different than it did in November. Back then, there were images of the new Pan American adventure touring bike, e-bicycles, electric concepts, and high-performance custom models, but today the electric concepts link is missing.

But the electric concepts web page is still active, although it has also changed. Whereas it used to have both concept scooters and motorcycles, now the motorcycles have disappeared and only the scooters remain.

Other hints of a change of heart: Harley-Davidson's international websites have updated their parts and accessories pages to show which models will apparently live on until at least 2022 and those that will seemingly end after 2021.

While Harley has said production of several models could end after 2021 (like the Sportster line in Europe because it does not meet certain standards), one bike on the list that also had no parts or accessories available after the end of this year was the LiveWire, its electric motorcycle.

Motorcycle.com says it received a response from Harley noting it is no longer commenting on future products until they're actually introduced, but remains "proud of the accomplishments of LiveWire to date," which includes becoming the top-selling e-motorcycle in the U.S.

It's important to note that Harley also said, "We look forward to the bright future of electric motorcycles," suggesting it is still committed to e-bikes and the LiveWire, but perhaps not the expansive lineup it previously envisioned.

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