UPS (UPS 0.34%) delivered a pleasing quarter to its investors on Tuesday.

For the fourth quarter of 2020, the logistics giant posted revenue of $24.9 billion, which was a hearty 21% increase over the same period one year ago. Consolidated average daily volume rose as well, advancing by almost 11%. On a non-GAAP (adjusted) basis, UPS' net profit was $2.3 billion ($2.66 per share) for a 26% improvement.

Both headline numbers were well above prognosticator projections. On average, analysts following the stock had estimated $22.9 billion in revenue and a per-share adjusted net profit of $2.14.

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UPS benefited from growth in all three of its business segments: U.S. domestic, international, and supply chain and freight.

The smallest segment, supply chain and freight, had the best year-over-year improvement, with a nearly 29% revenue rise to $4.38 billion. The largest segment, U.S. domestic, increased 17% and, as ever, was responsible for the bulk of overall company revenue. International saw 27% growth.

UPS understandably didn't issue any revenue or profitability guidance for this current quarter or year, citing "uncertainty due to the global pandemic." It's planning capital expenditures of around $4 billion. It also expects to increase its quarterly dividend. It doesn't plan to repurchase its own shares during the year, or float new debt securities.

As they're wont to do, investors traded UPS up on the news of the estimate-busting quarter. On Tuesday, the stock closed 2.6% higher. The S&P 500 was up 1.4%.