Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA)Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC) and Fulgent Genetics (NASDAQ:FLGT) have all had incredible runs over the last year. Moderna is up 570%. Teladoc stock has jumped 127%. And Fulgent has run up 500%. What's the strongest stock? Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau Chief Corinne Cardina and Fool contributor Taylor Carmichael discuss the future of these three COVID-19 stocks. This segment was recorded live on Feb 19.

Corinne Cardina: What I think is really a trend with all three of these stocks is what you said about management. All three of the management and leaders of these companies were able to pivot pretty quickly during the pandemic and react and be resilient and even be anti-fragile, improving during these really hard times when so many other companies were not growing and not pivoting as well as them. Would you agree?

Taylor Carmichael: Yeah, I do think that the management, and I'm particularly impressed with all three really: Teladoc and Fulgent and Moderna. I do think they have capable management. I think as investors, and this would be just a heads-up for all these stocks, it may be a good idea to take a little profit off the table as you go. Precisely because COVID-19 is kind of warping their revenues and their earnings, and there has been a big lump. There's a lot of unknowns, I just want to stress that -- there are a lot of unknowns here in these three. Near-term unknowns because we don't know if COVID is going to go away or if it's going to be with us over the next decade, if it's going to be like the flu. It's a question of whether the mutation of COVID. So that's something for investors to keep in the back of your mind. The safest of these three, in my opinion, is Teladoc Health. That is the safest and probably the strongest investment of these three over the next 10 years.

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