Fortune has not been kind to investors over the last few weeks. In the past month alone, the NASDAQ 100 saw a 10% decline. Many investors still have vivid memories of the COVID-19-induced stock market crash last March, and might be wondering whether this is history repeating itself.

Fear not, for market corrections represent fantastic opportunities for investors that have been waiting on the sides to buy at the right time. In the U.S., at least, there has never been a time where major indices have not recovered from a market crash and subsequently made new records. Hot stocks like Shopify (SHOP 1.80%), Teladoc Health (TDOC 0.62%), and Tesla (TSLA 0.79%) have all fallen between 16% and 36% from their highs less than a month ago. Let's look at how scooping up their shares now could make you rich in the near future.

Woman charging her electric vehicle.

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1. Shopify

Shopify is an innovative e-commerce platform that offers merchants payment solutions, shipping, store design, and financing options to help them start their own businesses. It is now the second-largest retail-e-commerce giant in the U.S., with an 8.6% market share.

While that is still far behind Amazon's (AMZN 1.60%) whopping 39% stake in the industry, Shopify is rapidly gaining ground. Last year, the company's revenue grew by 86% from 2019, to $2.93 billion. The sum of goods and services transacted on Shopify almost doubled year over year to $119.6 billion.

Most notably, the company grew its earnings per share (EPS) by a stunning 1,227% in the past 12 months to $3.98. Given its extraordinary growth, I still think that paying 46 times revenue for the company stock is justifiable. Shopify is down nearly 24% from its all-time highs in the past month, and now is not a bad time to buy the dip. It is a true leader in the global $153 billion small to mid-size e-commerce business market.

2. Teladoc

Teladoc is a leading tele-consultation platform that doubled its revenue last year to an all-time high of $1.09 billion. It saw as many as 12.7 million virtual visits with physicians in 2020, representing a staggering 206% increase over 2019. The company is looking to become a one-stop virtual shop for all healthcare needs, from telepsychiatry to filling prescriptions to managing chronic conditions like hypertension.

This year, it expects to further increase its revenue to upwards of $2 billion. Teladoc also seeks to improve its market share internationally, especially in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. At the end of the day, 16 times revenue is not a bad price to pay for a company on its way to double its sales again this year, and I don't think that investors interested in healthcare stocks could do wrong by adding it to their portfolios.

3. Tesla 

There has never been a better time to go long for Tesla's stock than right now. Currently, it manufactures the only electric vehicle on the market (the Tesla Model 3) that could meet consumer specifications in terms of cost, time to recharge, maximum range, and acceleration rate. In fourth-quarter 2020, it managed to deliver 180,667 cars, representing an increase of 61% over the prior year's quarter, with no excess inventory.

In addition, the company increased its annual 2020 revenue and net income by 28% and 6,719%, to $31.5 billion and $2.5 billion, respectively. It also managed to deploy a record number of solar panels, supercharger stations, and connectors. Right now, Tesla can produce up to 1.05 million vehicles per year, each of which has autopilot and full self-driving capacities.

If that doesn't sound exciting enough, the stock is now trading at 21 times revenue, which is about a third cheaper than its all-time high valuation. This is an electric vehicle stock you don't want to miss.