For the second time in less than a month, Tesla Motors (TSLA -2.76%) has adjusted its pricing on several of its models. In an overnight update to its online configurator reported by electric-vehicle (EV) industry website Electrek early Thursday morning, Tesla made these changes on several of its models and trims.

The price of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus increased by $500 to $37,490; the former price was $36,990. On the flip side, that same model's Long Range trim saw a price cut at the same amount, falling to $46,490. No adjustment was made to the Model 3 Performance, which remains at $55,990.

The biggest modification was made to the Tesla Model S Plaid+, a car that hasn't yet hit the market. When it does, it will set a consumer back $149,990 -- $10,000 above the $139,990 the company had previously set. Meanwhile, the Model S Long Range AWD and the Plaid trims maintain their pricing, at $79,990 and $119,990, respectively.

A Tesla Model S going down the road.

Image source: Tesla Motors.

As of early Thursday morning, Tesla hadn't modified the prices of either its Model Y or Model X SUVs.

In contrast to incumbent car makers, Tesla sells its vehicles directly to consumers rather than through a vast web of third-party dealerships. As such, it can and does set uniform prices for those automobiles, although these are subject to tweaking if and when the company sees fit.

As with other price adjustments, Tesla didn't comment on this one.

The company had a good day on the stock market Thursday. It rose by 4.7%, well outpacing the 1% increase of the S&P 500 index.