With approximately 130 million stimulus checks already in the hands of Americans, chances are you've already received your third economic impact payment or are about to. Depending on your financial circumstances, you might be using this money for bills, groceries, to add to your savings, or for other miscellaneous expenses. If, however, you have some financial wiggle room and are looking to invest your $1,400, you've come to the right place.

Top of mind for me are three unstoppable growth stocks that have continued to pique heightened investor interest and deliver strong financial performance -- all despite the market's increased unpredictability over the past year. A long-term investment in any of these stocks could deliver serious momentum on your journey to building real wealth. 

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1. Adobe

Adobe (ADBE 0.11%) is hardly a new name to tech investors. The stock had a solid history of progress on most lines of its balance sheet before the pandemic era. Case in point: The company reported 24% revenue growth in both fiscal 2018 and fiscal 2019. Adobe has clearly demonstrated its ability to continue delivering profitability despite the pandemic market environment. In fiscal year 2020 (ended Nov. 27), the company generated 15% top-line growth and boosted its bottom line 27% year over year.

Adobe has already started fiscal 2021 on a high note. When the company released its financial results for the first quarter (ended March 5), management reported that Adobe's digital media segment saw 32% year-over-year revenue growth, while its digital experience segment revenues surged 24%.

In addition, Adobe's total revenue during the three-month period represented a 26% increase from the year-ago quarter. Management raised its full-year guidance on the heels of these stellar first-quarter results, and are targeting approximately 20% revenue growth from fiscal 2020.

When the market plunged one year ago, Adobe's stock price remained stable. And over the trailing 12 months, shares of the company have shot up over 50%.  Adobe operates in a highly competitive space, but the company's consistent share and balance sheet growth -- particularly in light of the volatile economic conditions of the past year -- reinforce its indomitable presence in the cloud software industry.

Investors looking for a recession-resilient tech stock with ongoing high-growth potential that won't introduce excessive risk into their portfolios should consider adding Adobe to their buy list.

2. GrowGeneration

Marijuana stocks are often a mixed bag for investors, who must weigh the delicate balance between high risk and potentially high rewards. But GrowGeneration (GRWG -9.69%) is one of the very few stocks in this industry that doesn't require investors to walk that tightrope.

The company owns dozens of hydroponic and garden supply centers nationwide and is a key provider for the ever-increasing population of growers entering the U.S. cannabis industry. GrowGeneration's business model allows it to capitalize on the profitable side of the cannabis industry without accruing the particular risk that traditional cannabis growers and retailers typically have to deal with.

In 2020, the company's revenues spiked 143% year over year. Same-store sales increased 63% compared to 2019, while income from store operations shot up 171%. The company also has a thriving e-commerce business. Sales from this segment alone rose 123% during full-year 2020. In the 2020 financial report, CEO Darren Lampert said:

We added 14 new locations to make 52 hydroponic garden centers across 12 states, grew our e-commerce channel and commercial division by over 123% and 188% respectively, and acquired Agron.io, a B2B portal for commercial growers to plan and optimize their operations with real-time online ordering and fulfillment.

The company is projected to generate between $86 million and $88 million in first-quarter revenues alone. Management plans to expand GrowGeneration's presence to 15 states and more than 60 garden center locations before the year is out, and have set the goal of having as many as 100 retail locations open nationwide by the year 2023.

3. Peloton

With gyms and health centers across the country closed or operating at partial capacity throughout the pandemic, it's no wonder that a growing number of people have turned to at-home workouts as a way to keep up their fitness routine.

Peloton's (PTON 0.77%) exercise equipment and fitness programs give users the ability to customize their workout plans and leverage all the benefits of a gym membership from the comfort of home. And even as gyms and fitness centers reopen, this type of workout regimen is still a highly appealing solution for millions to work on their personal fitness journey while juggling a busier schedule.

Peloton's revenue increased by a whopping 100% in fiscal 2020. And the company boosted its member count to more than three million by the end of the 12-month period. This was a significant uptick from its member count just one year prior at the end of fiscal 2019, when Peloton reported that it had roughly 1.4 million members.

Management released financial results for the second quarter of the company's fiscal 2021 on Feb. 4. During this three-month period, Peloton hit a number of key milestones. The company surpassed the 4.4-million member threshold, while connected fitness subscriptions and paid digital subscriptions surged 134% and 472% year over year. The company's revenue also spiked by triple digits in the second quarter. 

Some investors have theorized that Peloton could see a slight decline in demand for its products and services as society slowly normalizes. While this is possible, I believe the company has enough of a foothold on the digital fitness industry to continue along its long-term growth track.

And in a day and age in which people increasingly value convenience and more and more workers are going remote, Peloton's equipment and fitness programs are a logical solution for an ever-more-digital world. Even with the end of the pandemic potentially in sight, Peloton still has plenty of untapped growth left for investors to explore.