L.A. Lakers star Lebron James doesn't make every shot he takes. Tennis great Serena Williams doesn't win every match she plays. And successful investor Cathie Wood sometimes makes the wrong call on a stock.

I think Wood does a great job with her ARK Invest ETFs. The proof is in the fantastic performance she's achieved over the years. However, I also view some of the recent moves to sell certain stocks in the ARK ETFs as short-sighted. Here are three stocks Wood is selling that I believe could still make you rich over the long run.

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Wood's ARK Fintech Revolution ETF (ARKF 0.96%) sold more than 320,000 shares of Pinterest (PINS -0.36%) in recent weeks. However, the social media stock still ranks in the top 10 holdings of the ETF.

My Motley Fool colleague Danny Vena views Pinterest as one of the three top e-commerce stocks to buy right now. I agree with Danny's take on Pinterest (and his other two picks, for that matter).

Some might be concerned that Pinterest's monthly average user growth rate is slipping a little. Not me. I think that's to be expected after the pandemic-fueled growth of 2020. 

I fully expect that Pinterest will continue to attract more users, including men (the company's customer base currently largely consists of women.) I also look for the company to boost its monetization in international markets as well as in the U.S. Pinterest could easily double its current market cap of $50 billion over the next few years, in my view.

Sea Limited

Two of Wood's ETFs have sold shares of Sea Limited (SE 1.28%) over the last few weeks -- the ARK Fintech Revolution ETF and the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW 0.79%). Still, though, Sea remains the No. 3 holding in the fintech ETF and ranks No. 16 in the internet ETF. 

Sea stands as one of the fastest-growing large-cap stocks on the planet. Its business is expanding on all fronts -- digital entertainment, e-commerce, and digital payments.

For now, Sea makes most of its money from its digital entertainment unit thanks to the super-popular Free Fire mobile game. It could have even greater growth opportunities over the long term, though, with its Shopee e-commerce platform.

The company's name reflects an abbreviation for its primary market -- Southeast Asia. However, Sea continues to make solid inroads into the Latin American market. My prediction is that Sea will become a much bigger player in the region, making patient investors a lot of money in the process.


Three of Wood's ETFs were scooping up shares of Square (SQ 16.13%) in May. That changed in June, though, with the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF selling over 73,500 shares of the fintech stock

Don't think that Wood has soured on Square's prospects. The stock remains the No. 1 holding in the ARK Fintech Revolution ETF and is the fourth-biggest position in the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK -0.14%)

Sure, Square's valuation seems ridiculously high, with shares trading at close to 170 times expected earnings. However, disruptive companies almost always command steep valuations. And make no mistake about it: Square is a disruptor.

The company already offers a wide array of services to businesses. Square is positioning itself to also become a full-fledged commercial bank.

Perhaps Square's greatest opportunity, though, lies in the individual financial services market. The company's Cash App provides a convenient way for consumers to digitally transfer money and buy and sell stocks and Bitcoin.

It's easy to see Square expanding Cash App to support personal loans and more features in the future. It's also easy to envision this stock making investors much wealthier over the next decade and beyond.