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Adam Levy

Adam Levy


Adam has been writing for The Motley Fool since 2012 covering consumer goods and technology companies. He consumes copious cups of coffee, and he loves alliteration. He spends about as much time thinking about Facebook and Twitter's businesses as he does using their products. For some lighthearted stock commentary and occasional St. Louis Cardinals mania ...

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This Small Apple Business Has Massive Potential

Apple's making a change within the services segment, indicating a bigger push in digital advertising.

GettyImages-streaming tv

Advertising May Be a Solution to Netflix's Password-Sharing Problem

People are tired of paying more, but they may be willing to sit through ads.


Apple's Services Business Has Never Been More Important

Management cast doubt on this quarter's results. Services could be a saving grace.

GettyImages-streaming video tablet

Warner Bros. Discovery's Plan to Grow Streaming

It's taking a more conservative approach than the competition.

GettyImages line of people on their smartphones

AT&T May Have Just Given Verizon a Gift

The wireless carrier is raising prices, which means subscribers might leave for Verizon.

GettyImages-sports betting

Investing in Sports Betting Stocks

As more states legalize sports betting, the market is growing quickly.


Is Roku Ready for a Comeback?

A closer look at management's full-year outlook.

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Who Is Tim Cook?

Tim Cook: Who he is and his leadership style.

Spotify Phone-pattern-Blue_Green

1 Number for Spotify Investors to Watch

This is the key to unlocking profits for the music streaming service.

Amazon Delivery vans in loading lot area (1)

Amazon Takes Another Step Toward Becoming a Logistics Company

Could its fulfillment network become the backbone of online retail?

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4 Reasons to Like Warner Bros. Discovery After the Merger

The media giant's stock could be a big winner over the next few years.

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HBO Max Shows Premium Ad-Supported Streaming Can Work

Its first-quarter results indicate that ad-supported streaming could work for others, too.

Netflix LA HQ

Netflix Was Caught Flat-Footed -- What It Means for Investors

Netflix's management was simply wrong about its subscriber growth. Here's what it's doing now.

GettyImages cord cutting

The Biggest Reason People Cut the Cord Is Changing

People aren't as concerned about pricing. It's all about great content.

GettyImages-man in glasses tablet streaming

Is CNN+ Already a Bust?

The news streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery is off to a disappointing start.

Netflix front desk singapore

Where Will Netflix's Next 200 Million Subscribers Come From?

Growth is slowing, but there's still plenty of opportunity out there.

GettyImages-streaming on a tablet

3 Reasons Consumers Cancel Streaming Services

As subscriber growth gets harder to come by, managing churn is essential for media companies.

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3 Retirement Accounts That Run Circles Around a 401(k)

Be sure to explore all your options to save for retirement.

GettyImages-women streaming laptop

How Much Will Consumers Pay for Streaming Video?

The average household is spending more and more on streaming. Is there room for an increase?

GettyImages-growing piggy banks

Here's How the Stock Market Could Turn $150,000 Into $500,000

Making a simple $5,000 investment every year for 30 years is all you need to reach a half-million dollars in savings.

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