Keith Speights: Someone had commented that Moderna (MRNA 0.85%) was the Tesla (TSLA -1.78%) of BioTech. What do you think? You agree? Is Moderna the Tesla of BioTech? Both from a positive and the negative side. [laughs]

Adria Cimino: Yeah, I think that it really is because I think that everyone is very excited about Moderna. The CEO, Stéphane Bancel, he might not be in the style of Elon Musk, but he is out there always communicating and he's talking about the next thing that's going on. You really feel that there's a lot of excitement there, that they're always innovating, and I think Moderna can continue to gain, but I do think that it's been faster than what I would have predicted. I think I would have seen the gains but in a slower pace. So yeah, it really has gone faster and further than what we could've imagined I think.

Keith Speights: For Moderna, everything hinges on exceptionally strong COVID-19 vaccine sales for the next several years. Because it's going to take a little while before the company has any other pipeline candidates to be able to come to market. If those vaccine sales taper off, that stock is going to fall a lot. If this vaccine sales hold up, then as Moderna gets more pipeline candidates closer to approval then you could see it continue to generate some gains. That will be a fun one to watch, like Tesla, fun one to watch.

Adria Cimino: Yeah, I think so too.