Teladoc Health's (TDOC 0.26%) stock has pulled back since its highs early this year. But there's reason to believe the company is in it for the long haul.

In this video from "Beat & Raise" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on Sept. 23, contributor Brian Withers highlights a few key metrics from the company's resent presentation that should give investors hope for the long term.

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Brian Withers: Just a couple of numbers from the quarter. You can see just continued growth here. I love the [laughs] this has almost doubled over the course of the year. The market was a little disappointing. You can see paid membership is a bit flat here. But look at the enrollment numbers and the PMPM is per member per month. They are monetizing the member base that they have much better than they did earlier on. You're seeing these paid members maybe before the coronavirus, they weren't using the Teladoc in virtual health services and utilization has gone way up over the course of the pandemic.

There you go. I jumped in, look at the utilization number, it's up significantly. Utilization is how many of -- your employer pays for the service, and then how many of the employees take advantage of that service, and having it go up to 21% is fantastic for Teladoc as well as the employers. You can see the number of visits is way up. Platform-enabled sessions is tailed off a little bit. But I think as more people get comfortable and it's adopted across more settings. You'll see this continue to rise over time. Then they had the Livongo membership continues to rise as well. The last couple of slides are on the total addressable market. They are looking at about $250 billion in healthcare spend that could be virtualized. They expected 1 billion virtual healthcare visits to happen in 2020. Pretty amazing, and a massive, this is the telehealth market they are expecting to grow 38 percent on average over the next five years, so pretty amazing.

Coming to close here, you saw all of the different areas that Teladoc can provide virtual services. When you look at across all of these from general medicine behavior health, hospitals and health systems, ongoing, things like hypertension. The addressable market, $121 billion, just in the U.S. is massive for Teladoc, and I think they'll continue to be the leader here and continued to click away at this addressable market.