(CRM -0.57%) announced a pair of new cloud products during its recent investor day presentation, along with providing some details on several others.

In this episode of "Beat & Raise" on Motley Fool Liverecorded on Sept. 27, contributors Clay Bruning and Brian Withers discuss how Salesforce's knack for innovation is helping it respond to customers' needs at the same time as it tries to anticipate new ones.

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Clay Bruning: Like we mentioned, and I'm sure we'll keep touching on, they announced two new products so they're releasing their system in Cloud 2.0 which I think Deidre and I both think it's going to be that next leg of growth. Cloud opportunity for them there in terms of working toward becoming a net-zero company and monitoring, you're going to be a net-zero company. They also talked about their health Cloud 2.0, they've been a huge innovator based on the need. They had to respond a lot in terms of their innovation on the health side of things. In terms of having contact tracing that many states and countries for that matter used a year or two ago when COVID was breaking out and then customers are still using this and then they also have a vaccine management solution that has been very important for, again, states in the US and countries internationally. Again, showing how visionary and how innovative this company is whether it's responding to what they think customers will need in the future or [inaudible 03:19:45] needed in the present. Just a very innovative and agile company when it comes to responding or getting ahead of the curve for their customers there.

Brian Withers: The other thing, Clay, about the slide that I like is over on the right-hand side, you can see all the different colors. Those are the different modules and that are showing you the different addressable markets, service, sales, marketing, commerce, etc. When it says GA, that's general availability, so that means at the top, revenue intelligence is a new function, a new module that's coming out and will be available in the summer of 2022. You can see that not only are they developing new Clouds, they are maintaining and innovating on the existing Clouds that they have and they have a number of major releases coming. Every new release is an opportunity for new products and expansion of revenue, so cool stuff.