You may not be able to picture where you'll be come 2026. If you invest correctly you'll at least know where your portfolio will be. What will you do with the next $5,000 you have to put to work on Wall Street?

I feel that Crocs (CROX 1.89%), Callaway Golf (MODG 5.27%), and Ethereum (ETH -0.05%) can go a long way in the next five years. Let's see why these could be winning investments over the next five years. 

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Kicking off this list with a trendy footwear company doesn't feel right. It's almost as if I'm literally and figuratively starting off on the wrong foot here. However, Crocs is the kind of company that has spent most of the last two decades scaling the wall of worry with its slip-resistant clogs.

Crocs does make unusual shoes, but comfort has a funny way of trumping and ultimately dictating fashion. This will be the third straight year of double-digit sales growth for Crocs, and while it was initially eyeing 20% to 25% top-line growth this year it's now aiming for a 62% to 65% surge in revenue for 2021. 

Despite the stellar growth, Crocs is reasonably priced. It's trading for less than 18 times next year's analyst profit target, and this is a company that has routinely trounced expectations. In other words, it's probably trading for a lot less than 18 times what it will ultimately earn in 2022. 

Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf has been making cutting-edge golf drivers for decades, and as an iconic brand in the sport it naturally sells a fair amount of branded apparel, golf balls, and other merchandise. Early to trends within its sport, it acquired a minority 14% stake in Topgolf in 2006, and earlier this year it acquired the entire concept in a deal that valued Topgolf at $2.6 billion.

Topgolf is pretty cool. It's a social driving range. Golfers and non-golfers alike can reserve their spot on elevated bays that can accommodate up to six players. This isn't your old-school driving range. Folks whack at balls with microchip technology to track where they land in terms of distance and various available targets. There's table service at the bay for drinks and a chef-inspired menu. If you never thought a kid's birthday party or a bachelorette soiree could take place at a driving range then you haven't been to one of the 60 high-energy Topgolf locations across the country. 

The synergy is obvious. Topgolf is introducing casual players into the sport, and Callaway is a leading seller of golfing gear and related merch. The company was doing just fine even before this year's savvy acquisition that will naturally pad results. Revenue growth clocked in at 18% or better for three consecutive years before last year's pandemic lull. Callaway Golf with full ownership of Topgolf will make it a big winner in the future. 


The world's second-most valuable cryptocurrency is rolling these days. Ethereum is up 12% over the past week, 43% over the past month, and 966% over the past year. Digital currencies are risky, but growing appeal is delivering outsize gains that should make crypto at least a small part of every well-rounded growth portfolio.

Ethereum has become a popular choice for fundamentals-oriented investors because it's a popular transaction tool with blockchain tech leading the way in the non-fungible token (NFT) market. The largest crypto denominations were dragged earlier this year because of the vast amount of energy required to mine and move them. Ethereum is in the process of shifting to proof of stake, away from the energy-depleting proof-of-work method. The process could be completed as soon as early next year, a move that will help Ethereum's process more transactions and do so far more efficiently than before.  

Crocs, Callaway Golf, and Ethereum are doing just fine right now. The next five years should be even better.