Price matters. That's true whether you're talking about cars, computers, streaming services, or stocks.

Sure, the price of a stock doesn't really reflect on the value of the business itself. A stock with a low share price can actually be more expensive from a valuation standpoint than one with a much higher share price.

However, high share prices can weed out some investors who might be interested in a stock. Not all brokerages support buying fractional shares. And even with those that do, not every stock is included.

If share price is a key consideration for you, the good news is that there are plenty of affordable, high-quality stocks on the market. Here are three no-brainer stocks to buy right now for less than $100.

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1. Brookfield Renewables

You have your pick of two stocks with Brookfield Renewables (BEP 4.49%) (BEPC 1.58%). The limited partnership trades under the ticker BEP, while the corporation trades under the ticker BEPC. But they have the same underlying business. And both cost in the ballpark of $40 per share.

Why buy Brookfield Renewable? Renewable energy is one of the best trends to bet on over the next 10 years -- and likely for several more decades to follow. Brookfield Renewable ranks as a top leader in renewable energy.

Countries and major corporations don't have a shot at reducing carbon emissions without a major increase in the supply of renewable energy. Roughly three-fourths of emissions come from energy and power generation. 

That creates an enormous long-term opportunity for Brookfield Renewable. It's an opportunity the company plans to seize. Brookfield Renewable's development pipeline capacity of 31 gigawatts is more than 150% greater than its current capacity. The stock should generate average annual total returns of close to 15%. 

2. Cresco Labs

There's also another major trend related to going green in a much different way. Cannabis is now a booming industry. Cresco Labs (CRLBF 7.69%) stands as one of the top players in the fast-growing U.S. cannabis market.

The company recently opened its 40th retail cannabis dispensary nationwide. It operates in 10 states, including seven of the 10 biggest markets in the country. Cresco is also the biggest U.S. wholesaler of branded cannabis products. 

Momentum continues to pick up for Cresco. The company's sales are soaring as the cannabis markets where it already operates expand and as Cresco moves into new markets. 

You can buy a share of Cresco for less than $8. But it's also cheap from a valuation perspective. The company expects to achieve an annualized revenue run rate of $1 billion by the end of this year. At Cresco's current market cap of around $2 billion, the stock is trading at only two times expected sales. That makes Cresco one of the most attractively valued marijuana stocks on the market.

3. Devon Energy

My Motley Fool colleague Matthew Dilallo recently picked Devon Energy (DVN 3.97%) as his top oil stock to buy right now. I think Matt is spot on. And at around $40 per share, Devon is quite affordable even for investors starting out.

The primary appeal for this stock is its dividend. Devon offers the highest dividend yield in the S&P 500. The company has paid a dividend for 28 consecutive years.

It's important, though, to note the wrinkle with Devon's dividend. The company employs a fixed-plus-variable approach. Only a little over 1% of its dividend yield is fixed. The rest can vary depending on Devon's excess free cash flow. But based on Devon's estimates for the rest of this year, its total yield should top 10%.

Thanks to climbing oil prices, Devon should be able to keep that high dividend yield in place for a while to come. Even if oil prices fall, the company is still in a strong position to keep the dividends flowing.