Metaverse is a growing buzzword on Wall Street. Nvidia defines the metaverse as a "shared virtual 3D world, or worlds, that are interactive, immersive, and collaborative." Certainly technology companies will create incredible new ways to access and enjoy the metaverse over time. But Roblox (RBLX 0.43%) is giving people a way to enjoy the metaverse in a small way today. 

In this video clip from Motley Fool Backstage Pass, recorded on Oct. 25, Fool analyst Sanmeet Deo talks about the Electric Daisy Festival, a recent event that featured live performances within the Roblox platform. While contributor Jon Quast and analyst Clay Bruning aren't sure they're ready for a concert in the metaverse, they concede that it demonstrates the early iteration of the metaverse is already here.

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Sanmeet Deo: It's just an example, at least Roblox's platform and metaverse platforms where you can experience these things in the metaverse and outside of just in-person events.

Have you guys ever attended and electronic or anything virtually like this before? Have you delved into it yet?

Jon Quast: No. Personally, I mean, maybe I should try it. To me, it doesn't appeal. I really enjoy in-person concert. I enjoy being blasted with the music so that I can feel it vibrating on my chest. I don't know how much I would enjoy a virtual experience, like a concert, inside of a metaverse.

However, I've never done it. I'll have to try it someday and reserve my final judgment until then.

Clay Bruning: Yeah I've never been either something like this. I guess the closest thing is probably three or four years ago when I was playing Fortnite. I was on when they had one of those like live events in one of the seasons where rocket or something was taking off or whatever. But now I've never been part of this.

Kind of with Jon, I don't know how intriguing it is to me, but I think there's clearly an audience for it. Maybe we're just not the perfect audience for it, but super interesting and seemingly an increasing number of events like this shows that the metaverse has indeed arrived.